Developer: Squaresoft |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 Player Game |
Release Date: 09/03/97 |
Genre: RPG

Final Fantasy 7 is a game that is surrounded by lots of hype. Like most games that are hyped, they never live up to it completely. FF7 is just this and was a game that was a very cool idea but just missed the mark. To begin with, Final Fantasy 7, in my opinion, has the best cinemas seen on a console to date! While the polygons used before and after the movies are average at best, the cinemas are what makes this game shine! By using the CD ROM format, Square has been able to have so many details in this massive epic. The extra space was put to good use by allowing so many CG movies. They are just too numerous to count!

Next, the sound is very good. Not only does the CD ROM format allow the space needed to make games more detailed and longer, but it also allows sound to be super. Final Fantasy has been known for the use of great sound and music. Throughout the series, time and time again, we have been treated, but never like this! The music is a bit disappointing while the sound effects are wonderfully done. Even though there are no voices in this game, the quality of the sounds make up for it!

Lastly, the compelling story draws you in and doesn’t let go. During course of this epic RPG, you will grow with your characters, hurt with them, and become like them! When something unexpected or tragic occurs, you will be sad with your characters. These pictures will become more than just a mass on the screen, they will become your “virtual friends.”

While all great games have good points and bad, FF7, while great, has some bad points. Sometimes, it is hard to navigate through your surroundings. Let me explain. By using the backgrounds Square used, it is possible to not find your way out of a given room into another. Also, the control, at times, seems to be jumpy, and out of control. Next, the game is too linear. Unlike most of the other FF’s, this game is totally linear, which takes out a lot of the replay value. Fourthly, the game is a little too easy. So, all the FF veterans out there will breeze through the game in 35 hours or less (probably much, much less). Finally, the ending is utterly disappointing. People new to RPG’s will find the game more challenging due to a lack of understanding Role Playing Games. So take my word for it, the latest incarnation of Final Fantasy is a game that should give us yet another reason to be proud of the Playstation. While not as good as previous attempts in the series, it is still the best Role Playing Game on a next-generation consoles to date!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/15/99
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