Developer: Namco |
Publisher: Namco
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Release Date: 10/01/01 |
Genre: Shooter

After being disappointed with Silent Scope 1 and 2, I patiently have waited for a gun game to satisfy my shooting urges on the PS2. Since I am not a murdering criminal, I figured it would be best to wait for a realistic and fun shooter to make its way on the PS2 instead of practicing in real life. Now I am sure the government would not mind if I exercised my trigger finger in Afghanistan against the heinous Taliban. Thankfully though, Namco has delivered with the arcade port of Time Crisis 2 for the Playstation 2. Now I can avoid traveling overseas, while still killing terrorists, and having fun in the process. Isn’t gaming life on the PS2 in America grand?

Time Crisis 2 is an absolutely perfect port from the arcade in terms of graphics. The action is fast and furious-with no slowdown or popup problems whatsoever. That said, the only adjustment players will have to make is in terms of the GunCon2. In the arcade, players would step on a pedal to make the player jump out so you can shoot at the bad guys. It would not be cost effective or very easy to provide this same sort of mechanism at home. Instead of just re-releasing the original GunCon, Namco went the extra mile and released the GunCon2 with Time Crisis 2.

So, what is so different about this gun? It looks close to the same as the original GunCon. Except this time-instead of hit a button on the side of the gun to move into action mode, you hit the bottom of the gun and hold it up. It is as if you are thrusting a clip into the gun everytime you jump into action mode. In addition, the GunCon2 has a D Pad on the back and it plugs into a USB port-instead of the controller port.

I found it difficult to calibrate the GunCon2 though. Although I was able to play the game-my aim was slightly off due to this problem. When calibrating the gun, make sure you move it to the TV and shoot the center-instead of relying on your aim in the middle of the room. Trust me, when you get to the third act and you can’t hit the enemies in the upper left hand corner because the GunCon2 isn’t calibrated, you are going to be upset. You have been warned!

There is a two player mode included that tries to imitate the arcade version. The problem is, in the arcade, you have two different screens. On the PS2 version, you are forced to play split screen unless you have two PS2 consoles, two copies of the game, and two TV’s. Unless you find a suitcase of money lying on the side of the road-you probably won’t be able to afford this setup. But if you do have a friend with a copy of the game and you can manage to get two PS2’s next to each other-you will have a version of two player Time Crisis 2 that is even better than the arcade.

The sound effects and music in Time Crisis 2 is average. However, the voice acting is horrible-just like in the arcade. Depsite this small problem, Namco added a few extras into the game-but overall, Time Crisis 2 is a short but fun adventure that shooter fans will want to pick up.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/01/00
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