Developer: Capcom |
Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Release Date: 10/30/01 |
Genre: Fighting

There are a few genres on the Game Boy that I have not been impressed with in the past: sports and fighting. No matter how hard a developer tries to convert their ideas onto the small Game Boy screen, it just never seems to work out for those genres. However, with the release of the Game Boy Advance, developers finally had the power to create their handheld games in beautiful 16 bit color. Capcom is the latest developer to try to create something special on the Game Boy Advance. This time they bring us yet another port of the Street Fighter II franchise. Lets be honest, haven’t we been “Street Fighter 2’d” to death? I thought so until I plugged in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival. Once I began playing, I couldn’t stop.

Remember playing Street Fighter II in the arcades and on the SNES? At that point in time, it was the greatest arcade port ever made. After popping in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival, I have fallen in love with the Street Fighter series all over again! With the exception of the controls, you will be playing one of the best versions of Super Street Fighter ever!

From the first moment your eyes gaze upon Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival, you won’t believe you are looking at a Game Boy game. The animation is just as smooth as the arcade or SNES version. With the exception of a few minor animations that aren’t included in the background, this would look even better than the arcade. The sprite based characters are very large and take up about half of the screen. Their health is shown up in the health bar above and includes an “Alpha” like portrait next to their health.

The most amazing thing about the graphics is there is absolutely no slowdown. Unfortunately, the D Pad is not up to par and it makes performing the special moves that much more difficult. To compensate for this, Capcom elected to place an “easy control mode” in the game. While playing, if the player hits the select button, they will be able to perform super moves with just a few button presses. For example, to throw a fireball, hit forward and the L button. To pull off a flaming uppercut with Ken, push down and the L button. While I would prefer to have the SNES D-Pad on the GBA–this helps make up for the control shortcomings and make the game much more playable on the small screen.

While the Sound and music are identical to the arcade, the extra features are not. Besides playing through the normal arcade game and two player versus mode, gamers can choose to play a variety of extra gameplay modes. You can even unlock secret characters in these modes.

In the end, if you enjoy Street Fighter, you will want to pick up Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival. It is by far the best fighter on the GBA to date.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 12/15/01
ESRB Details: Violence

Screenshots for Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival