Let me start by saying that this editorial (and all subsequent editorials from me) are not meant to harm or infuriate anyone at all. Think of it as merely a glimpse from the other side.

That other side is easily marked. You see, in the “industry” there are two types of people, a.k.a. consumers. The first type, “The Hard Core Gamer” – easy to spot, they have more knowledge of 80’s arcade games then the guys who created them. The second group is “The Regular Guy.” Now before anyone gets his or her feathers ruffled, when I say guy I mean every living creature who can hold a dual shock controller. Whether that makes you green, black, yellow, white or aqua, male, or femaleֹou are or are not a “Regular Guy.” Allow me to explain.

Regular Guys are the ones like my friends and myself. We can’t tell you the best Colleco game ever made in its time. However, what we can tell you is that last night, after a long day at school or work, Billy killed everyone in a round of Timesplitters multiplayer mode that lasted over three hours, with everyone having a fun time. “Regular guys” play games as a hobby or just for the enjoyment of killing zombies. They do not symbolize the stereotype that has been created surrounding video gamers.

Again, I don’t mean to offend. If you find yourself angry or frustrated, please do us both a favour and stop reading. The last things I want in this lifetime are enemies.

I constantly find myself reading review after review with references to games I’ve never heard of. Now I realize that they aren’t just writing those reviews for me and my people, but I must ask why there aren’t reviews for regular folk, who may not know the differences between Jaguar and Saturn. To you the reader I ask this: When was the last time you read a review for a game from a “Reader” a.k.a. regular person? I find that they can be the most dead honest reviews out there. Now true ten year olds most often write them. However, they get to the basics, they tell us what we want to know: Tell us if you liked it–Tell us if we should go out and like it too.

Some will argue that I’m blowing things out of proportion and perhaps I am. Maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed or read another bad review with references to things I didn’t know existed. It’s all entirely possible. Some will say that reviews can be found with a simple point system. With that, I couldn’t agree more. But to those people I say this; we can read. Most of us like to read and I don’t want to believe that I would have to continue on getting reviews for games by watching a point system simply because I didn’t play videogames in the 80’s (I must have been outside or something)… because, between you and meִhat would make me just… regular.

By Jason McKenzie – 01/09/02

Screenshots for The Regular Guy