Those who have enjoyed the groundbreaking PC title Majestic from Electronic Arts are likely already aware of the game’s impending doom. For those who do not know yet, or were considering purchasing the game, the following quote was taken from an email sent out to Majestic gamers recently.

“After April 30, 2002, Majestic will no longer be in service. However, you may continue to play the game until April 30th. It is possible to finish the game in the time remaining as all Majestic puzzles and gameplay can be completed in just less than two months. Be sure to play Majestic daily and complete each day’s activities in order to complete Majestic before April 30th. We thank you for participating in one of the most unique and innovative games ever.”

EA cited lack of popularity (read: we lost too much money on this puppy) as its reason for the shutdown. Many devoted players felt betrayed by EA when this announcement was made. Personally, I’m disappointed that the game will end without some sort of conclusion to the story. But I did enjoy the experience and I hope that Majestic was able to open the door for further innovative adventures that take advantage of the technology that is infiltrating our lives.

You can read the official announcement at under latest news.

By Kevin Watson – 01/09/02

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