Developer: Acclaim |
Publisher: Acclaim
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Release Date: 12/14/01 |
Genre: Sports

Supposedly the latest version of Quarterback Club, from Acclaim, is “Where the Stars Play.” Perhaps if they are referring to the pitiful play of the Dallas Stars this year, I could understand this statement. However, Acclaim claims that they have “True to life TV style presentation,” “Authentic NFL Action,” “Innovative precision defensive play calling, and “Real player facial textures.” This is all on the back cover of the box. While Acclaim my try to fool you into believing their latest football titles includes this and more, in reality this game is nothing more than a waste of space.

When the game first loaded up, all of the FMV sequences were choppy in the menus. This should have warned me for what I was about to see. I started a game and when I saw the graphics, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. This is probably the worst looking next-generation title I have ever seen! The crowd looks like a wave a paper, character models are unrealistic and choppy, and the menu selection was completely unfriendly.

As I chose a play and went back for a pass, I decided to go for a “long bomb” to T. Owens. I threw the ball threw three different defensive players to my man who then ran for about ten extra yards before being stopped. The sad part is, the QB Club 2002 drops to around 20 FPS when throwing a pass–making the passing game looking like a game of underwater football.

After totally dominating the game, I moved on to the QB Challenge. The graphics were slightly better in this mode–but the player models are just nowhere near the quality of Madden or NFL 2K2. While this mode is fun (especially with three other buddies), it is by no means worth the price of the game. If you must experience NFL QB Club 2002, rent it first. You will thank me later.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 01/15/02
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