Buying the GameCube was an investment. I invested my hard-earned money into a system I thought would provide me with hours of entertainment. I’ve never been a Nintendo fanboy, but a Nintendo loyalist. I’m not so sure anymore.

I got a system that had numerous launch delays and not a whole lot of games to choose from at the point anyway. Nintendo has only released three 1st party games thus far, with a mere two at the launch. We didn’t even get a new Mario title, but Luigi in a mediocre game. We don’t even have a Rare game to speak of… even Nintendo 64 had Killer Instinct Gold two months after launch. We also have crappy ports and dumbed-down games because of this so called “kiddy image.”

You’d think Nintendo would learn to have bigger franchises near the top of the roster… that’s what the vast majority of the people want. Ocarina of Time was said to be a fairly early game, but instead didn’t come until over 2 years after system launch of the Nintendo 64. We have no franchises except Super Smash Brothers Melee, which is great, but not exactly the series I bought the GameCube for. And Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t the newest exhilarating chapter of the Mario saga.

Delays:Nintendo::Peanut Butter:Jelly

This might as well be an analogy on my SATs. I’m tired of hearing that delays usually make a game better. No crap. But, if I have to wait a year longer to play the game, I’m going to find something else to bide my time (i.e. Sony), which causes Nintendo to lose business. I have already bought a Playstation 2, but that’s beside the point. The focus is not where I can turn to, it’s why cannot I not turn to Nintendo. Look at the back of the box your GameCube came in. See the pictures of all those lovely games? Just how many of them have you played? Yeah, I’ve never played Kameo or Donkey Kong Racing either. Eternal Darkness is actually on the back of Nintendo 64 Funtastic Series boxes….when no such game exists for the Nintendo 64 because of massive delays. I invested into the GameCube to play these games… not to play the same darn games I bought at launch over and over again until the new ones come out.

I, for one, am losing the faith. Nintendo, at this point, sounds AMAZING on paper, but then again, so does communism. We have all these great games in the pipeline, amazing 2nd and 3rd parties and potent ideas. But none of these amount to anything if they’re not used properly. On the NES, we had three Mario games that just got better than the last. Three! We don’t even have one yet on the GameCube, and we may not even see one in the first year of its life. For shame, Nintendo.

By Craig Lupienski – 03/22/02

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