Developer: Yuke’s |
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game |
Release Date: 02/26/02 |
Genre: Action

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the simple days of the SNES and Genesis. Every time I went to buy a new game or rent one, there was a new “Final Fight” style beat em ‘up title to play. However, since the move to 3D there have been few titles like these. The recent State of Emergency and Square’s The Bouncer quickly come to mind as “next-generation failures” of the beat ’em up genre. Developer Yuke’s has teamed up with Eidos to ensure that this genre lives on in EOE: Eve of Extinction. While they are not completely successful in making the greatest action title ever developed, the end result is definitely worth a look.

Players control Josh Calloway, an employee of Wisdom Incorporated, a organization known for advances in the genetics industry–including gene therapy, cloning technology, genome-based drugs, and genetic modification of food. In the story, Calloway becomes subject of extensive biochemical experimentation. This gives the Josh superior strength and reflexes, which he hopes to use for the betterment of medical science.

However, Wisdom Incorporated shows their true purpose to use their biogenetic technology to gain military power. Their primary focus is the development of a close-range weapon of deadly power called “Legacy.” It is the fusion of a rare metal with a living human soul to produce a weapon of unimaginable destructive force´┐Żand a mind of its own.

Once Josh discovers Wisdom’s true intentions, he decides to escape Wisdom Incorporated with his girlfriend, Eliel Evergrand, also a co-worker taking part in the development of Legacy. Their escape attempt ends in failure. Eliel’s soul is then forced into core of the most powerful Legacy ever made… code-named E.O.E… It will be up to Josh and Eliel’s soul to put an end to this evil corporation once and for all…

Graphically, EOE: Eve of Extinction is not bad at all. While there is some popup throughout the expansive levels, everything is fairly detailed–including the large characters. However, it is not the graphics that are the cause of frustration in EOE.

My biggest complaint about this title are the problems with the AI and camera system. First, lets talk about the AI. In classic “Final Fight” style beat ’em up titles, the AI is usually bad or just cheap. EOE continues this tradition. Most of the time, you will find now problem in easily taking out a group of enemies that surround you. However, in those instances where you find that you are getting beat up, the camera is usually to blame. I found the camera to be extremely unresponsive and not very good at keeping the best perspective on that takes place on screen. This leads directly to another problem… jumping. There are times in the game when you have to jump in order to carry out a certain task or get out of an area. These jumps become increasingly frustrating when you don’t have the proper perspective to make them.

Despite these annoyances, EOE knows how to beat people up. Using an interesting combo system, that allows you to string together multiple hits and do major damage, I found the combat to be fun… when I could see it. Also, Eve relies heavily on users switching weapons–utilizing the best one for the given situation.

Overall, EOE: Eve of Extinction is a fun beat ’em up title that falls short of being great due to the horrible AI and camera system. However, if you can look past these problems, you may just find a game that will keep you occupied for many hours.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 04/18/02
ESRB Details: Violence

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