The great thing about having three heavy competitors in a video game market is that each on will generally do whatever it takes to come out first. This can mean a lot of good things. For one, you tend to have really good games coming out exclusively for each system. Secondly, you have everybody biting at the online gaming bit. And, most wonderfully of all, you have the joy of price wars.

If you haven’t heard as of yet (which is unlikely), Nintendo recently announced that the GameCube will now be selling for the low price of $149.99. My heart skipped a beat when I heard this.

However, the Big N was just following what Sony and Microsoft had already done. They dropped the prices of PS2 and Xbox down from $299.99 to only $199.99. This, my friend, is a great thing for people like me, who have been biding their time and waiting for a price drop.

I just got a Playstation 2. I know, it sounds weird for a part-time freelance writer. What I did was a smart move many of you out there will make. Right now you can get a PS2, a memory card, and two great games (like Red Faction and Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec) for what “some” people paid to just get the system a year ago. I don’t know about you–but I like this.

I suggest you go get one of these great systems now! But you might be thinking, “Hey, the prices dropped once. Maybe if I wait a year, the prices will drop again! Yeah! Let’s wait longer!”

Well, don’t expect another price drop anytime soon… But when there are price wars, you never know what to exepect next. Now if you will excuse me while I go catch up on the latest PS2 games…

By Brian Breed – 06/02/02

Screenshots for The Joy of Price Wars