I’m a Pro Wrestling fan. As such, I have a knowledge of certain terminology pro wrestlers use. One such word is “mark,” which describes a devout fan in not so glowing terms. In other words, if you really get into wrestling, you are a wrestling mark.It’s really not a bad term. It’s even become one that I use on myself from time to time. Hey, if you have anything you’re passionate about, you are a mark for that thing. To not be a mark means you don’t have that passion. What’s the point of living if you don’t have passion for it?

I bring this up because I went into my favorite video game retailer yesterday. I was looking to trade in some games, buy some different ones and just hang out a bit. I know the guys behind the counter relatively well, so we can talk games when they’re not busy. When I walked in, they were busy, so I looked at some new games, some classic games and some accessories.

Then I saw it. It taunted me by its mere presence. It brought me to heights of euphoria that can’t be explained by mere words! I wanted it! I needed it! NOW!!! It was the box for the coming Legend of Zelda on the GameCube. You have to understand, I have had an affair of sorts with Zelda for years now. Unfortunately, my parents never allowed me an NES or SNES during my formative years, so I could never experience Link’s genesis. My first contact with Hyrule came through the Game Boy game, “Link’s Awakening.” The fruition of my relationship with the games came with the N64. I had one early on, but I didn’t see anything I wanted in the near future, so I sold it to buy a Playstation. Then, Ocarina of Time hit. I was hooked. I came to my loving and understanding wife, and after a time of communication (and broken dishes), she let me buy another N64 for the joy of Zelda.

Now, time has passed, but the torch I bear for The Legend of Zelda has not dimmed. In fact, I jump on any rumor of a Zelda Anthology on the GameCube. Or of Link being in other games. Or especially of that Cel-shaded blonde kid that will be gracing my GameCube early next February. It will be mine. Oh yes… it will be mine.

So, I am a Zelda Mark. I’ll freely admit it! When I upgraded to a GameCube, I sold away my N64 again. But only nine months later, I’m trying to talk my wife into letting me get ANOTHER ONE! But only for Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

What games are you a mark for? Mario? Sonic? Solid Snake? Master Chief? Tell me about it, and tell me the lengths you’ve gone for your favorite games. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine down the road.

By Jeff Rademaker – 07/16/02

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