Upon arriving in Phoenix for a layover, I was told by my flight attendant that they were not given our gate information. Once I got off the incredibly small plane and escaped with all my baggage, I spoke to an America West representative. They explained to me that my connecting flight, which had already began boarding, was located on the other side of the airport. When I asked if I would have time to make it to my flight, they recommended that I run as fast as I could and I could “probablyâ€? make it.

I ran and ran. In fact, I ran so far that I thought I was in San Francisco by the time I arrived at my gate. Once there, I heard an announcement stating that this was the last call for flights to San Francisco and if you did not board now, you would forfeit your seat and ticket. After I gave the attendant my boarding pass, the shut they door behind me. Thankfully, they did not consider my baggage to be forbidden baggage like last time.

Once on the plane, it seemed like a mansion compared to the last one. Finally, I had some real leg room! Getting comfortable, I leaned back and noticed several flight attendants were handing out some sort of contraband to certain passengers. I watched closely to see who they were handing them out to and it appeared that only passengers giving a secret handshake were getting this contraband. Upon closer inspection, this contraband appeared to be Zig Zag cigarette papers! Once the attendant handed out the Zig Zags to passengers, they winked at the passenger. Soon afterwards, passengers began falling asleep. Sure, it was getting late… however, I was not stupid. I “knewâ€? what they “were smoking.â€?

After we took off and were in the air, drinks were served. However, these flight attendants couldn’t just serve drinks. I saw one attendant going back and forth getting small bottles of a strange liquid that they kept shaking up. Several minutes later, even more people were falling asleep. Would this drug odyssey come to an end?

To further prove how drugged up everyone was on this flight, a voice came over the speakers saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, when using the restrooms, please remember to shut the door.â€? Needless to say, I didn’t visit the bathrooms on the flight…

So what does this have to do with games? Not a whole lot. Although I got several articles written while on the flight, just keep in mind the weird circumstances we go through to deliver you the best gaming coverage on the Internet.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/15/02

Screenshots for SCEA Gamers’ Day 2002 Diary: Part 2