Yes, that’s right, this is what all of us have been fearing (or wishing) we would hear, Microsoft bought Rare. According to sources the details are being finalized right now but the bulk of the corporate mumbo jumbo has been done, and an official announcement is said to be made at Microsoft’s XO2 European event which starts September 24th. As many of you know, Nintendo was a 49% shareholder in Rare; that was until Microsoft stepped in and put an end to it. Apparently Nintendo and Rare are still working over deals to see if they can use trademarks like Perfect Dark and other ones Nintendo holds. There were other bids on Rare by companies, most notably Activision, but when you’re in a bid war against one of the richest companies in the world you don’t have much of a chance.

Also according to sources, Nintendo had a chance to purchase all of Rare a year ago but refused. Many of you are probably wondering why the hell Nintendo is so stupid. Well don’t worry, we here at CV-Games are calling all the major doctors in Japan to look over medical records at Nintendo’s main office. However, we suspect that Japanese food has got something to do with it.

On a more serious note, one thing is for sure, Microsoft is smart–very smart. This move will defiantly have Xbox consoles flying off the shelves as soon as Rare’s first game is released. Just imagine the possibilities of games now that Rare is exclusive to Microsoft. Perfect Dark sequel (even if it was under a different name, a Rare FPS is still a Rare FPS), a sci-fi third-person shooter to the likes of Jet Force Gemini, a hilarious adventure like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and an epic platform game like Banjo-Kazooie. When a developer has a great history of games like Rare does, only good will come. I hate to say it, but as much as Nintendo tries, they may have just given Microsoft a large percentage of their sales to Microsoft. With Rare out of Nintendo’s camp, it may very well be Sony and Microsoft battling out for a first place finish while Nintendo is sitting in third on a very comfortable money chair with a built-in fridge and all.

I can’t help but think what everything will be like a year from now. Rare has got the most powerful console to work with and I sure hope with all that power that they can put out some great titles for all of us to enjoy.

By David Doel – 09/11/02

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