Developer: Killer Game |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Release Date: 10/28/02 |
Genre: Driving

After Sony released the disappointing racer, Kinetica, I was not very eager to try out Jet X 2 O. While Kinetica was a spin-off on Extreme G and WipeOut Fusion, Jet X 2 O takes the racing of WaveRace and mixes in the tricks, combos, and 쳭ack talkingrom SSX. The end result is a surprising good title that provides players with a competitive racing and the joy of performing insane stunts on the way to the finish line.

The PS2 is supposed to be an older, underpowered console when compared to the sleek and powerful Xbox and GameCube consoles. While this has been evident in the past, I have been surprised at how many developers keep getting more and amore out of the PlayStation 2 hardware. In developer Killer Game’s latest title, Jet X 2 O, this is again apparent. In every level, the environment is beautifully rendered with great water effects. The water is very nice looking. While it isn’t as polished as the water from WaveRace Blue Storm, it is close.

Once you begin a race in either the Single Event or World Tour, the game takes you through the level–allowing you a brief glimpse at the challenges that lay ahead. Once the race begins, you must fight off the other competitors and end up at the finish line and rack up trick points. This is what separates Jet X 2 O from other jet ski racers. Points and your placement at the finish line determine the number of points you get. If you fail to reach a certain number of total points specified at the start of the race, you will have to begin the race again. However, should you succeed in getting past the point total, you can save, re-race the same course, or move on to the next map.

Each of the levels has its own challenges to get through. Some place objects in the water that block your path from point A to point B. Others have a wide variety of sharp turns and special shortcuts that will force you to get your speed up to make it across. Should you miss a turn, shortcut, or run into a rock or other object, you will slow down and could potentially fall so far behind that you will have to replay the level again.

To help you out, Jet X 2 O has a multitude of 삯ost Gates.These will fill up a meter and allow you to perform a turbo or help you perform awesome stunts off jumps. Some Boost Gates are temporary and will gradually decline. As the manual says 쵳e it or lose it.

At the beginning of play, only a handful of characters will be available to choose from. As you progress through the World Tour mode, additional characters will be available. Each character has their own unique style to riding and will speak to other characters as they pass them by during a race.

I initially felt the controls would be an issue. However, I had no difficulties controlling Jet X 2 O. Pulling off tricks is very simple. Go off a jump ramp and start hitting the L2, R2, L1, and R1 buttons. You also had have the standard gas button and can lean forward and backwards on your craft to help navigate the sometimes treacherous waters.

Jet X 2 O offers a two player split screen mode that is fairly enjoyable. However, I found the single player experience to offer me enough variety and challenge to spend more time with it. Overall, Jet X 2 O is a great racing title that is worth taking a look at. While it may not be the greatest racing title on the market, you won’t find a better racer to pick up this holiday season on the PlayStation 2.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 11/20/02
ESRB Details: Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes

Screenshots for Jet X 2 O