Gizmos and electronic toys keep getting cooler and cooler, but with each new one comes a new wire snaking across your floor. Yellow ones, blue ones, green ones, they’re all the same. They come with one purpose: to trip and destroy. Luckily for you there’s CV-Games’ own Techie, who brings the in-depth knowledge of the Xbox wireless network to you now. Read on and save yourself the embarrassment of a long fall to a bloody nose when Wires Attack!

Putting together your team

What’s required for this marvel of a wire-free world? A couple techie tools and gizmos and a $350 dollar budget (we never said this world came without a price). A router is an essential element in assembling your new universe. This piece of equipment can usually be found where your DSL/cable modem is located. A four-port router is ideal and can be found in the $100-150 price range. IMPORTANT: Pick a router that is on the Xbox Live approved list, or you’ll just create a mess of headaches for yourself–and we don’t want that, do we?!

Second, and probably the most vital pieces of your wireless puzzle, are two (though it may be necessary for more, which you can have up to 16 dancing around your house) wireless bridges. RECOMMENDED: Phonex’s Neverwire 14 nodes has proven to be the best, most efficient, and easiest to set up. A pair will run you about $190 bucks. These little beauties are self-contained send/received devices that can be put anywhere, just depends where you want to play. Another thing about these bridges is that they are as plug-and-play as you can get. No software at all! It may be beneficial to have a couple extra Ethernet cables handy too. SUGGESTIONS: Put your PC near a wall outlet, so as to not need to run plugs too far, and near your broadband connection jack (whether it be phone or cable) because these are definite tripping hazards. That’s it for equipment (see that wasn’t THAT expensive), now it’s on to the setup.

Building your wireless world

The broadband modem is the governor of your creation and you get to be president or god or whatever you want to be. Through your governor flows all the goods and information. Click an Ethernet cable into him and snap the other end into port 1 of your router. With your PC off, put another cable running from it to port 2 of the router. Now depending on your broadband service, you may have to enter an IP address and other information to re-establish your Internet connection to your PC (however, not essential for Xbox Live-ers because this information should be automatically detected).

Now take one of your wireless bridges and plugging it directly into a wall socket (don’t use surge protectors here because they tend to slow down transmissions). Run another Ethernet cable from it to port 3 of your router.

Time to travel. Trot on over to where you have or want to put your Xbox, and plug your second wireless bridge directly into a wall socket. The final Ethernet cable is then passed from it to your Xbox. Give everything some electro juice and your world is powered and ready to roll. Lag worries? No worries. It is essentially nonexistent, with games running as smooth as if they were connected directly to your modem.

And you look around and see that all is good. Who cares what you do with those extra wires. They’re anything, but useful now. Now go and revel in your new wireless kingdom.


Recommended Wireless Bridges

$99 each/$190 pair

D-Link Air DWL-810
$129 each

LinksysWireless Ethernet Bridge

$129 each

Recommended Routers





Necessary Parts


Wireless Bridges

Extra Ethernet Cables

By Peter Humpton – 02/17/03

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