Developer: Idol Minds |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Release Date: 03/09/03 |
Genre: Party

My Street is the latest First Party offering from Sony designed to be played primarily by a younger audience. It is a collection of seven party games that are all played online. These games include Marbles, However, in the end, My Street just doesn’t have what it takes to be a quality title.

School is starting in 3 weeks and you need to make some new friends. How do you accomplish this? Go around the neighborhood and challenge kids your age to one of the seven games mentioned above. To get them to play with you, you have to do some sort of favor for them. At first it can be simple like buy a bag of marbles to play a game of marbles. It quickly becomes more difficult to play a game because it will require you to do things like a week’s worth of chores to raise up enough money to buy that RC Card you need.

Each of the min-games listed above is very similar to several titles you probably have played before. Lets take a closer look at them.

In Marbles, you throw a magnetized marble to draw the other marbles closer to you. Dodge Ball is similar to Super Dodge Ball Advance that was released by Atlus during the GBA launch. While it is pretty fun, the gameplay is a bit slow. Volleyball is a lot like DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball. However, you won’t find any of the scantily clad women filling the screen. Chemistry is a puzzle that appears to be like tetris but has some different elements. RC Racing is very reminiscent of the 16 bit super off road game on the SNES. This has to be my favorite game within My Stree. Lawn Mowing is very similar to RC Racing but your goal is to cut the grass. I found this one to be pretty fun. Chicken Herding is a remake of Chu Chu Racing. While it is a lot of fun, I would rather be playing Sega’s classic puzzle game.

My Street also has a vicious day/night cycle. Each day you character won’t wake up before 10 AM and you have to be at home at 6 PM for dinner. This allows you to play three games, at the most, each day within My Street. Once you get home, the sleep option will allow you to begin the cycle all over again.

Overall, unless you are just addicted to playing mini games or you are a younger game, you probably won’t find much to enjoy in My Street. I definitely would suggest renting before purchasing as this title doesn’t have enough gameplay to keep you involved for more than a few days.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 03/24/03
ESRB Details: Comic Mischief

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