In the final day of the E3 2003 Convention, LucasArts was the highlight of the day. However, they weren’t the only appointment we had.

My day started out approving articles in the overcrowded media room. Imagine a room with fifty computers in it connected to the Internet, twelve network cables to plug laptops into, a very small wireless station, and around seventy-five to one hundred journalists trying to get their work done. As you can imagine, not much can get done when you can’t get access to a PC. But we were usually able to get a PC for a few minutes… It just wasn’t easy.

As I left the media room behind me and went to my first appointment with Acclaim, my goal was simple… To score plenty of juicy details on the alias game. When I arrived, the PR representative would not come say hi and told me that my appointment wasn’t until later. (I had his e-mail to me in my Pocket PC too with the correct time). Fortunately for me, someone else showed me around but they were pretty rude too. My time with Alias got cut short so I could see the horrible looking remake of NBA Jam and an okay looking Gladiator title. However, when a game biggest feature is multiple “Mortal Kombat style killing sequences,” I tend to be turned off by the title.

Also, I need to stop and point out something that should be fairly obvious, if I take time to make an appointment with a publisher and they don’t help me get excited about their titles, why are we wasting each others time? It is especially frustrating when I have an e-mail from a PR Rep. stating my appointment time and they won’t even come say hi or apologize if they get double-booked. E3 is crazy and things happen… But Acclaim succeeded in turning me off from all of their titles.

For the most part, the rest of the day went smooth. However, After seeing products from Logitech, Namco, Mythic, 3DO, Ubi Soft Square, and others, I ran into more trouble. My PR Rep. At Konami was nowhere to be found. My Assistant Editor and myself waited around for twenty minutes and nobody would show me around their booth. This was a big disappointment to me because I would have used that time to look around myself if I would have known nobody was going to assist us. Unfortunately for me, this caused me to miss everything Konami was showing. But we should have some more Konami previews from some of our other writers. I am also keeping my fingers crossed hoping I can get some AVI’s or other type of video of the titles shown at E3.

But the best part of my day, besides getting to sit down and rest after the show, was the LucasArts booth. Closed off to everyone unless you had an appointment, behind these closed doors were some of the E3’s best kept gaming treasures. Star Wars Galaxies, Full Throttle, a few other Star Wars titles, a WW2 Action combat title, another action game, and a Strategy RPG.

All of their games look pretty good. However, the only titles I really care about at the moment are Star Wars Galaxies and Full Throttle. First, Full Throttle gives players the ability to once again play an adventure game. This version will not only be on the PC but will appear on the Xbox and PS2 too.

For Star Wars Galaxies, do I even need to say more? The MMOG title is going to change the genre forever. Instead of being an action game, the title is an RPG. You build up your characters, join the rebels, empire, or stay neutral. Players can choose to fight or do other things like become a dancer or play in a band. But the biggest news I learned was that all players can ultimately become a Jedi. However, LucasArts will not provide any information on how to do this except that “it will be very difficult.” Once you become “force sensitive,” a new character slot will open up so you can make a Jedi. As a Jedi, you get three lives. Once you die, you will be able to walk around the world as a blue ghost. Expect to begin reading “Jedi tutorials” in the near future.

With so many games seen at the show, it impossible to preview them all. So look to our Post-E3 coverage coming for the next few weeks. You will still be able to access this from our E3 section on the sidebar.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 05/16/03

Screenshots for E3 2003 Journal 5/16/2003