Rhuno: Well, bro, another year’s gone by and with it, E3 2003 has come and gone. What did you think about this year’s show?

Beef: Woah, pony, slow down! The show was great, but shouldn’t we talk about the press conferences we went to first?

Rhuno: Sure, that makes sense�I guess. We first went to the Microsoft conference, and overall, I thought it was pretty solid. Doom 3 and Halo 2 look incredible, and the Music Mixer title could be interesting�then again, I suppose it could just as easily be a huge flop.

Beef: A flop? Yeah, right. The only thing that could win these console wars is extra features. All systems have great games, but Microsoft is taking it to the next level with things like the Music Mixer and custom soundtracks. You talk about attracting a wider audience, you talk about Microsoft.

Rhuno: Well, only time will tell. Next was the Sony conference, oh no, wait�we weren’t on the list so we had to sit there and wait for Kaleb to get out. Dis. Oh well, that McDonalds breakfast was awesome. Sony did announce the PSP (PlayStation Portable), but I doubt they’ll be able to break Nintendo’s stranglehold on the handheld market; Nintendo’s dug themselves some nice trenches, and they ain’t comin’ out any time soon.

Beef: I’ll give you points here, the sausage biscuits were incredible, and no, the PSP won’t take the crown of handheld kings from Nintendo. I mean, that’s just my prediction, but let’s be realistic. The only way, and I mean the only way, the PSP will compete well with the GBA is if it has an amazingly powerful launch. It will need great games with great prices; otherwise, every handheld owner will keep on truckin’ with the GBA and forget the PSP ever existed.

Rhuno: *sniff, sniff* Is that a Sega Game Gear I smell? Let’s see, MS, Sony�ah yes, that leaves Nintendo. Nintendo’s conference was in a beautiful area, and the GCN line up looks good with titles like Mario Kart: Double Dash, F-Zero, and MGS: Twin Snakes, but I think Nintendo’s going too far with this connectivity feature between the GameCube and GBA. They are practically forcing �Cube owners to buy a GBA if they want to enjoy any GameCube titles. I mean, FF: Crystal Chronicles requires four GBA’s for multiplayer game play; why can’t I just use the thirty dollar GCN controller that I’ve already got?

Beef: Yes, but everyone who plays games at all should already be equipped with a GBA or SP. It’s had so many great titles, and they’re still coming out a faster pace than great console titles. If Nintendo can really find a way to spice up connectivity, more power to �em. Otherwise, this hasn’t been proven to be a very useful feature yet.

Rhuno: I’ll have to disagree about the great GBA titles, not that there aren’t any, but the screen is too small and difficult to see. Also, I’ve got more console games on my �must have� list than I could afford with a Bill Gates salary, and forcing me to spend an extra $70 on a system I don’t even want just so that I can enjoy my �Cube that I’ve already paid $200 for is just wrong.

Now as far as the actual show goes, I thought most companies came out fully loaded for this one. One of my favorite booths this year was the Square Enix booth. Games like FF XI, Star Ocean 3, and FF: Crystal Chronicles all looked absolutely amazing; and who could forget Final Fantasy X-2? That game really surprised me with its unique and light-hearted approach.

Beef: Yes, Square Enix knows how to impress and that’s what they did at this year’s show. They had a much stronger presence than last year, but so did another of my favorite companies, Rare. I couldn’t be more excited about Conker’s return� oh wait, yeah, I’d be more excited if I had broadband. But still, it is something to look forward to.

Rhuno: Yeah, Conker: Live and Uncut looks good. In fact, MS had several great looking titles in its booth including Sudeki, StarCraft Ghost, and let’s not forget the juggernaut that is Halo 2�bro, he jumped on the ghost�

Beef: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Halo 2; I just wish I could’ve video taped it so my memory could be refreshed every now and again. On the subject of Microsoft though, Project Gotham Racing 2 looks incredible. I was impressed by MS’s booth more than the other major companies like Nintendo or Sony. Speaking of which, who’s up next here?

Rhuno: Well, I liked Nintendo’s booth. The sweet, flashy neon lights were in full effect, and I loved Mario Kart: Double Dash and FF: Crystal Chronicles. F-Zero looks good and super fast; didn’t you fly off the track? Ha-ha!

Beef: Shut up, it was my first try. I got 29th out of 30 my second time around! And I also won a GBA SP carrying case from playing Mario Kart: DD. Didn’t you play that too? What did you win? I don’t remember seeing you come over excited about any kind of victory from that direction. But I digress, Nintendo’s booth was awesome, with a quiet little title I’ve previewed called Geist A lot of potential there, as well as with MGS: Twin Snakes. Expect a lot of gaming goodness from Nintendo this year.

Rhuno: Hmph, I got a T-shirt from playing Mario Kart. (Editor’s Note: Everyone who played got a T-shirt) So, uh, anyway, what did you think of the babes this year? Tecmo’s fashion show was great, but I think I’ll have to go with the Sudeki girls as my show favorites. For those of you that read this, check out E3 Girls for more pictures than you’d care to look at, and some interviews as well! Also, don’t forget to check out our Photo Album in the E3 section for more pictures of the Booth Babes we captured on film.

I suppose I’ll wrap up my lines now and say that Final Fantasy X-2 gets my vote as the best playable demo at the show; an awesome game, no doubt about it. You?

Beef: Good, that means you’ll shut up now, right?

Rhuno: *shouting* WRONG!

Beef: Hey, tone it down, will ya?!? Well, it’s tough to pick favorites at such a huge show, but I’ll have to say my favorite babe was Lei Fang at Tecmo’s booth. What? Oh yeah, my favorite game to play was XIII. I’m excited for that one, and everyone else should be too.

//end crumby dialogue

By Ryan Schaefer – 06/13/03

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