Developer: Hypnotix |
Publisher: Global Star Software
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game |
Release Date: 10/21/04 |
Genre: Sports

A brand new golf game for only twenty clams?!?! That is what you get when you pick up a copy of Global Star’s sequel to Outlaw Golf. In Outlaw Golf 2, players are treated to more of the same wild and crazy antics that made the first game such a hit. For the most part, it comes together pretty well.

Since the title is releasing at the $19.95 mark, the developers used a slightly tuned-up engine from the original game. Characters are once again nicely animated and great to look at. For the most part, the courses are also really nice looking. Up close, the grass on the course is very detailed and the textures are great. However, farther away things get to be of lower quality. In fact, you can even say that things in the distance looks really unrealistic while things close to you look the exact opposite. This must be an issue with the engine in the way the games graphics were designed.

Outlaw Golf 2 offers players the opportunity to golf on a variety of different courses. While these aren’t the ones you will find Tiger Woods playing on the PGA Tour, they are interesting. In OG2 you will discover courses underneath freeway overpasses, nuclear testing facilities, a haunted house, and more. In all, there are eight courses to play on this time compared to the three they included in the original game. This is a big improvement. But the changes don’t stop there. Besides being able to play on all eight courses, Developer Hypnotix included thirteen different gameplay modes that each utilize a different set of rules. Some of these rule sets include the normal golf modes. However, in a bizarre twist, players can play other styles like Baseball rules. If you are in the mood for an even larger challenge, players can compete in a mode where if they lose a hole, the other player gets to pick a club they can’t use anymore.

Outlaw Golf 2 also includes Xbox Live play for the first time. This mode includes an online leaderboard so you can brag to the world what a great golfer you are. For those of you who don’t want to wait to take turns, there is even an option to both play at the same time through a specific hole.

The control was one of the biggest features of the first game and Outlaw Golf 2 doesn’t mess with the formula. Players use the Right Analog Stick to swing their clubs. Unlike Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, it is a lot easier to hit a straight shot. Once players reach the greens, they will have three chances to line up their putt and see where it will land. After that, players must guess where to hit the ball if they aren’t sure.

The composure system also returns in OG2. Composure is what gives a player extra bonuses to their golfing skills and allows them to play better or worse depending on if their composure meter drops or rises. If things are going really bad, you can beat the crap out of your caddy to help regain composure.

Replacing the voice of Dave Attell in Outlaw Golf 2 is Steve Carell. While I would have preferred the older voice, the voice work is fairly decent. Things can become a bit repetitive and the developers should have probably spent a bit more time adding more jokes.

Overall, for twenty bucks you really can’t go wrong. While Outlaw Golf 2 is not the greatest golfing game of all time, it definitely is worth a look.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 11/17/04
ESRB Details: Crude Humor, Language, Sexual Themes, Violence

Screenshots for Outlaw Golf 2