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Release Date: 05/12/17 |
Genre: Hardware

Hi, my name is Kaleb Rutherford and I am addicted to computer games. Despite my late night gaming marathons trying to get my First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, or Massively Multiplayer Online Game skills honed in, I have had a problem. None of the mice I have used with my computer have been precise or accurate enough to keep up with my games. While this does give me a built in excuse to say in a game like “DARN MOUSE!” I really would like to avoid having to blame my lack of gaming performance on one of my control devices. The gods over at Logitech have heard my cries and the cries of gamers all around the world. They have answered our call for help with the ultimate mouse ever created… the Logitech MX510.

The Logitech MX510 is a gamer friendly upgrade to the Logitech MX500. The mouse looks and feel completely like the MX500. Both mice feature a scroll wheel, a scroll button above and below the scroll wheel, a Quick Switch button below the bottom scroll button, and forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse. Yet despite all of the buttons on this thing, it is really comfortable. My hands are a little bit larger and I have used the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer in the past. The older model I have mainly used was a bit longer and fit my hand very well. So I have been very apprehensive about trying a shorter mouse. I was completely shocked at how comfortable the Logitech MX510 was in my hands. It was even more comfortable than my older model IntelliMouse Explorer.

The big difference in the cosmetic appearance in the MX510 over the MX500 is that the 510 has a very cool looking paint job. Every finish on each MX510 mouse is unique and has a redish holographic look to it. The screenshots don’t do the mouse justice. It really is one of the most beautiful mice I have ever seen.

A lot of mice I have tried lately have a smooth scrolling wheel. I personally do not like this because it is much nicer to have a click so you can feel when a weapon should change in a FPS. While the MX510 isn’t as nice as some of the older clicking scrolling wheels, it is a happy medium between the smooth scrolling and mice of older generations.

The big draw about this mouse is the incredible performance you will get. Once you install the Logitech MX510 software, which is required for this mouse, you will instantly be able to see the difference on how the mouse performs on the screen. Everything feels much more precise and accurate. In all the games this mouse was tested with, it worked flawlessly. However, I have heard reports of some compatibility problems with certain titles. I have not encountered these yet but Logitech’s support group should be able to provide assistance for any issues you may run into.

If you want to, the included MX510 software will allow you to remap the 1 to 5 buttons on the mouse. The commands can be a bit limiting but I prefer to use the defaults myself.

Overall, the Logitech MX510 has given me the hardware to fuel my PC gaming addiction by giving me the most precise gaming mouse I have ever used. If you are a PC gamer, this mouse is a must buy. If you don’t play many games, you will still enjoy this mouse simply because of how precise it is.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 12/31/04

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