Here is my top 5 listing for E3 2005:

1. Kingdom Hearts II, PlayStation 2

Continuing the now-tradition of blending multiple franchises, this sequel has a more-grown up Sora and Disney Characters (with all the original voices, including Haley Joel Osmond, Hayden Penetierre, and James Woods) out to attack a new evil confronting their worlds. While most of the story remains a mystery, the Square Enix guys at E3 promised a game that was at least twice as long as the first. In the boss battle I got to play, new moves combined with new strategies to create a truly fun. If Kingdom Hearts I left you wanting more, this is it, plus some.

Fire Emblem II, Game Boy Advance

More of the same is always good when the first was great. Traditional play added to new elements and enhanced stylized graphics means that the second time around, Fire Emblem II will be sure to add, not detract from, its predesessor. Best new feature? A choice in classes evolution. Missing: any relationship, story-wise, to its predessosor. We don’t get to see the rewards of our hard work in the previous game. (Then again, if that world were plunged into evil again, wouldn’t we feel like all that effort wasn’t worth it?)

3. Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo DS

Ah, the joy of a new Super Mario Brother platformer in 2D: I can’t wait. Even though
Nintendo only showed movies of it on the game floor, it looked like a lot of fun. Mario and Luigi battled together – does that mean it’ll be cooperative, or you are in control of both characters, a la Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga? Only time will tell. Either way, it’s been since 1992 that a platformer has been released. I hunger. Feed me!

4. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 2, Nintendo DS.

Nearly everything about the first game was perfect, although I do hope they pay more attention to the localization of the jokes this time. I loved the live-action button-pressing in addition to RPG elements: any game where you can grow stronger in order to advance gets an A in my book, and last year’s original added new fun to the Mario Character hybrid RPG genre, and got it nearly perfect.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, GameCube

Okay, so this Zelda is likely to be good. More dungeons, on the level of Ocarina of Time (was anyone else disappointed that Majora’s Mask only had 3 dungeons, I’m still bitter). I’m certainly ready for a darker Zelda. Ocarina of Time was more mystical than Dark, and Majora’s Mask was laughably full of Japanese Anime-style humor. Wind Waker? I’m still bitter about all the sailing on that one, too. Tingle should die a horrible, horrible death. Let’s hope they pull the franchise off the downward slope with this one, and from the looks of it, they will succeed.

What should we learn from Jeremy’s top 5:? Well, it’s full of Nintendo. Nintendo promises they are all about the game play, not showing a realistic-life screenshot of Marlon Brando. Nintendo certainly still has some kick left in it, and I look forward to downloading old Nintendo games on Revolution. At this point, even though it’s coming out in 2006, it may be the first next-gen system I will consider recommending to everyone.

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  • By Jeremy Hoekstra – 05/21/05

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