Developer: Paon Corp |
Publisher: Tecmo
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: 11/01/05

Gamers looking for a fresh experience may just want to check out Tecmo’s upcoming PS2 exclusive title, Trapt. The game promises to deviate a bit from the norm by offering an interesting premise: killing enemies by setting up deadly traps inside a dark castle. Trapt combines third person action and strategic thinking into what will hopefully be a very nice overall package.

The game was released in Japan several months ago and is just now making its way to North American shores. In Trapt, players take on the role of one Queen Allura who has been framed for the murder of her father. Allura and her companion Rachel seek safety in a dark forest where they meet the devil himself. The resident of apartment 666 curses Allura turning her into a cold, calculating and efficient strategist when it comes to setting booby traps for her enemies. This skill, as it just so happens, comes in handy when Allura decides to head back to the castle and slaughter her foes.

Sounds like a good time, eh? Unlike most games, players will have to set up traps around the castle and attempt to lure their enemies to certain death. Various types of traps can be set and as the player progresses more and more deadly devices will become available. The efficiency of each trap set is limited only by the player’s imagination. Basic traps can be set up in the floor or on the walls, but the truly entertaining ones involve more original thinking and perhaps even a giant alligator-esque monster if the situation presents itself (and it will). Players will be able to use money found in game to buy additional traps and thus bulk up their repertoire. A simple and intuitive grid system is used when setting up traps allowing the player to place things exactly where they need to. Baiting the enemy into activating your little surprise is another matter altogether. Once you’ve set the trap, you’ll need to find a way to persuade your target into walking right into it.

Surprisingly, this game has flown under the radar for a long while. It really has not received much attention considering that it is due for release this October. It would be a shame if such a unique game went completely unnoticed this holiday season. With all the shooters and action games on the way, a brutal strategy game seems like a welcome relief. As one of the more interesting titles coming down the pipeline, we’re pretty excited to see how it shapes up. Keep an eye out for our review of this title once it hits retail shelves.

By Ryan Schaefer – 09/22/05
ESRB Details: Blood, Violence

Screenshots for Trapt