Developer: Crystal Dynamics |
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: 04/11/06

TR3.jpgIf you aren’t excited about the new Tomb Raider game just around the bend, I honestly can’t say I blame you. After an amazing start, the series has managed to rack up a pretty bad reputation among gamers due to several lackluster sequels that seemed like mere attempts to bring in cash using the Tomb Raider name. Well, I guess it must have worked because despite the horrid experience that was The Angel of Darkness we once again find ourselves anxiously awaiting Lara’s return in the upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend.

Lara Croft is kind of like that ex that you’re still attracted to. No matter how much trouble she gets you into, you always find yourself giving her just one more chance. Well, maybe…just maybe this time Lara will come through for us. Judging by the screens we’ve seen and some early impressions, things are looking brighter for the franchise. It’s been said many times that great graphics don’t make a great game. Then again, it’s also been, just as many times, they sure don’t hurt anything. Tomb Raider: Legend is one sweet looking game. Lara’s character model is looking better than ever before; that’s not to say the environments haven’t improved of course. The lighting and textures are fantastic, and on the Xbox360 you’ll really get some bang for your gaming buck.


One of the biggest gripes gamers have had with the series is the restrictive movement of Lara in the other TR games. She moved and handled rather awkwardly, despite having a lot of acrobatic maneuvers in her repertoire. Luckily, these issues have been addressed. Players will now be able to control Lara in ways they could only dream about in the past. Smooth, fluid animations and control make the game much easier to play and really place Lara’s acrobatic dives and rolls into the spotlight. These changes alone improve the game several times over from its predecessors.


The game thrusts Lara back into the ancient, uncivilized environments from the series’ past as she collects valuable treasures and hunts down clues to solve the mysteries in her own life. These areas stand in sharp contrast with other locales in the game such as the megalopolis that is Tokyo, Japan. Players will find a nice mix of modern environments and uncharted, wild locations.

This game looks to be the Tomb Raider game that fans have been waiting for. With vastly improved control, smooth animation, innovative environments and smarter enemy AI, Legend has managed to capture quite a bit of attention as of late. The game is set for release right around mid April, and I for one am willing to take Lara back just one more time. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t let me down… Lets give her another chance!!


By Ryan Schaefer – 03/22/06
ESRB Details: Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence

Screenshots for Tomb Raider: Legend