Monkey Enterprises has partnered up with TOTAL IMMERSION and Force Dynamics to develop a new console as the next installment in the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality™ series (also known as FMVR™). The console as of now does not have an official name, but the project is codenamed “Pot Of Leprechaun Vomit At The End Of The Rainbow” and will be at least three times as powerful as the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console™. TOTAL IMMERSION will be developing the software (which consists of the operating system, the Software Development Kit, and the built-in unannounced game to demonstrate the features of the console), while Force Dynamics will be developing the hardware for the console.

Farmer Monkey, the Founder of Monkey Enterprises, was excited about the partnership with the two companies stating that “… TOTAL IMMERSION really knows how to shock an audience when they revealed their D’FUSION software, so it was a natural choice for me to kidnap the founders and force them to sign a contract… forcing them was the easy part, as I was more than ready to show them the meaning behind the codename of the project if they refused to cooperate… and Force Dynamics were geniuses in helping people experience motion-sickness, making driving games much more realistic and immersive in the comforts of their own home with the 301, so I knew they were perfectly qualified to work on the hardware for our next virtual reality console project…”

Kaleb Rutherford, founder of CV-Games, had this to say about the new console in development, “… it’s been about four years since I found my living room carpet saturated with Irish whiskey and leprechaun vomit, so when I realise things were too quiet, I had to check on Farmer Monkey at our sister company (Monkey Enterprises)… imagine my surprise when I found out that Farmer Monkey has kidna… I mean teamed up with the employees of TOTAL IMMERSION and Force Dynamics to develop a new console that would put all known next-generation consoles to shame… this is a console that used to rely on magic through leprechauns, so imagine the new method they came up with when they showed me the prototype; no more blood and that nasty, nauseating smell… besides, no other company has a catchy, rhyming console franchise name like the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality™ series… Will (Chiu), you better not post anything about the kidnapping bit, or you’re fired…”

More details, including technical specifications, will be revealed as Monkey Enterprises plans on announcing more information at the upcoming E3, so stay tuned to CV-Games.

Monkey Enterprises is the company behind the Farmer Monkey Virtual Reality™ series (also known as FMVR™). Founded by CV-Games staff member Farmer Monkey, Monkey Enterprises provides expensive and absurd products designed to entertain families and de-sanitise their homes across the globe. At the time of this posting, Monkey Enterprises does not have a website, but the founder has kindly posted the details of the Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console™ back in May of 2002. Link to Monkey 3000 Virtual Reality Console

TOTAL IMMERSION has invested in people and technology to provide them with a powerful augmented reality (also known as AR) solution : D’FUSION. Since 2003, Total Immersion has been funded by two leading global venture capital firm : Partech International and I Source Gestion. Link to TOTAL IMMERSION.

Force Dynamics is located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, where their 10,000 square foot facility is equipped with machine tools and CNC vertical mills as well as a full electronics R&D lab. The founders have more than 95 years’ combined experience in production manufacturing, R&D, industrial automation, and custom machine building. Previous projects include printed circuit board handling equipment, medical devices, and custom equipment for production automation and material handling. Link to Force Dynamics.

CV-Games is the supplier of nourishing computer and video game meals to feed the gaming desires of people around the world and is the sister company of Monkey Enterprises. Kaleb Rutherford is the founder who punishes any lazy staff member by forcing them to review the game, Hooters Road Trip regardless of how old the game is and how many times it has already been reviewed. Link to CV-Games.

By Will Chiu – 04/01/06

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