remedy043006.jpgE3 is normally a time for companies to show off brand new titles while wowing and amazing show attendees. Unfortunately it appears that one title I was looking forward to seeing and one company will be absent from the show this year.

Remedy, developer of the Max Payne series, has said that they will not be showing Alan Wake at this year’s E3. I personally hope this proves to be untrue and could see Microsoft purchasing Remedy or entering into an exclusive agreement to have this game released on the Xbox 360 and for Windows Vista.

It also appears that Rockstar Games will not have their own booth at E3 or have a presence on the show floor. While the rumors suggest Grand Theft Auto will soon be an exclusive Xbox 360 franchise (a move that makes perfect sense), the controversial developer has been known to not show up on the show floor.

Last year Rockstar was at E3 in a closed off booth and they weren’t allowing anyone in without an appointment. But years prior to that, Rockstar rarely has made an appearance since the release of Grand Theft Auto III. Expect them to make their big announcement with Microsoft on Tuesday, May 9, and then their X360 GTA will make it to the store shelves this winter.

If we learn any more details on these two stories, we will let you know.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 04/30/06

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