Developer: TT Games |
Publisher: Sega
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: 08/01/06

monkey1.jpgEveryone loves to look at monkeys. If you don’t believe me then go visit any zoo and see what attraction people go to the most. Monkeys are cute, funny, and make great video game characters. Plus, what other animal on the planet could be cuter than a monkey trapped inside a ball? It was the love of monkeys and balls that led Sega to created the cult-classic Super Monkey Ball back at the release of the Nintendo GameCube. And that fun continues once again in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. This isn’t just another Monkey Ball game either…

Developer Traveller’s Tales is taking the reigns of the latest Monkey Ball. These guys are a great development studio and have been a part of some pretty special games recently. From the titles they have worked on, my personal favorite is Lego Star Wars. With creativity and the ability to take an existing franchise and make it work in a different way, the team over at Traveller’s Tales have set out to recreate the Monkey Ball series.

monkey2.jpg monkey3.jpg

First off, for those of you who are worried, the game still features at least fifty of the normal puzzle levels. The puzzle levels will not be the “super simple” ones found normally at the beginning of the Monkey Ball game though. These will be more advanced and are designed the cause the player as much grief and frustration as possible. Don’t worry, with a little luck and patience you can make it though them.

The big addition to this game is the “adventure” portion that features a full single player storyline. Players must help restore joy to the world by completing quests given to you throughout the five different worlds. As you unlock these quests, more areas of the game will open up, new and more difficult challenges will appear, and players will have more to see and do. Not everything in the game is a simple banana grab though. Players will have to adopt new abilities for their monkeys to survive in their balls. For example, transforming into a wood ball will allow you to float on water. Catching that wood ball on fire will cause it to be a dangerous weapon. You will also be able to turn partially invisible and even gain access to a sticky ball. (Before the lawyers are Nintendo get on the phone to Sega and Traveller’s Tales, just be real happy this game is going to get released on the GameCube. Metroid does not own the only rights to the Sticky Ball!!)

monkey4.jpg monkey5.jpg

While the game still has a short while before it sees a release on July 11, it is coming along very nicely. It would be quite okay with me to have a standard new Monkey Ball game. However, I appreciate Sega taking a chance with one of their newer “hit franchises.” If all goes according to plan, this could take the series in an entirely new direction for years to come. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope Traveller’s Tales can create a winner here.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 05/08/06
ESRB Details: Mild Cartoon Violence

Screenshots for Super Monkey Ball Adventure (Pre-E3 2006)