Developer: Capcom |
Publisher: Capcom
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: 01/12/07

LP1.jpgCapcom is one of the industry’s largest developers and publishers. While they may be noted for the popular Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Mega Man game series, the game that has most of us excited is a brand new title called Lost Planet. The game is set to debut on the Xbox 360 and is looking absolutely amazing with awesome gameplay and sharp visuals.

The game takes place on an arctic, ice-covered planet invested with gross looking aliens and some mean pirates; both of which would like nothing more than to see you die. The game is action packed with plenty of firepower at your disposal. You can run about on foot toting some nice guns, or hop into a giant mech, known as a vital suit, to decimate foes with merciless efficiency. The mech suits are a great addition to the action and will have you thinking, “why yes, I am the man” in no time at all. Excited yet? You should be.

The visuals in Lost Planet are fantastic. The game’s environments, models, textures and effects are all cutting edge. If you’re not busy lusting over the graphics, you might also come to appreciate just how much the developers have been able to cram on the screen. Dozens of enemies will swarm you at the same time forcing you to put those shiny, new guns to use.

You should be warned that you will not be the only one in possession of large and dangerous firepower. Your enemies, both the Akrid and the pirates will be packing some serious heat to take you out. Some of the most intense action comes when you find yourself standing toe to toe with a foe equipped with a vital suit (that’s the giant mech suits you’ve seen). Needless to say, your enemies aren’t to be taken lightly.

In the game, you’ll be able to obviously run and gun on your own two feet, but as mentioned, you’ll also be taking control of mech suits. While in a vital suit, you’ll find your movement to be more limited; however the boost in armor and firepower makes for a nice trade. In a vital suit, you’ll be able to access weapons on either arm independently using the trigger buttons. This ought to come in handy when attempting to clear a nest of those pesky Akrid creatures.

So far, Lost Planet is looking amazing. The game is scheduled to ship early 2007 on the Xbox 360, so we’ve got a while to wait. However, you can check out the demo and wallpaper pack on the Xbox Live to get a taste of what’s in store for you. Also, make sure you check up on the game at our website to get the latest.

LP3.jpg LP2.jpg
By Ryan Schaefer – 05/10/06
ESRB Details: Animated Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Screenshots for Lost Planet (Pre-E3 2006)