Developer: Kojima Productions |
Publisher: Konami
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Undefined

Release Date: 06/13/06

mgs_dgn_title.jpgKonami has announced the PSP adaptation of the North American Metal Gear Solid comic, which means those who never read or even realised a comic based on the first MGS exists will be in luck, as the PSP digital comic will have all 12 chapters from the original. Kojima Productions will handle the development with Hideo Kojima as the director and producer, and Ashley Wood as the artist. Because this is a PSP digital comic, readers will not simply be looking at a static image and flipping through pages with a button, as the comic will be enhanced with visual/audio effects, and even some interactivity.

mgs_dgn_01.jpgRegarding interactivity, the reader can press the square button while reading the comic to initiate the “memory search” mode, which allows readers to search for people and items by navigating the screen in 3D through a scanner view; anything found is added to a database where its contents can be traded with other readers through the PSP’s WiFi connection. The database itself is accessed with the triangle button, where the reader is given the opportunity to connect pieces of information together and unlock more information through a 3D web interface, along with a counter that keeps track of the amount of material unlocked.

mgs_dgn_02.jpgThe Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel is expected to be released in June 2006 (though a specific confirmed date is not made, so relying on this is not recommended) in Japan and North America with a price of around $19.99 USD even though this PSP title is considered as a game, and not a movie.

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By Will Chiu – 05/13/06
ESRB Details: Blood, Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Violence

Screenshots for Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel