Developer: Mistwalker |
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Role Playing Game

Release Date: 02/12/08

For a new Japanese game studio, having one great new game is an amazing feat. However, for Mistwalker, one AAA title is not enough. Trying to take the Xbox 360 on their back and carry them to market leadership in Japan, they are gearing up to release Lost Odyssey–which is as close to a Final Fantasy XIII killer as we will probably ever see on the 360.

Lost Odyssey wowed and amazed onlookers at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show. We were told that the game is only about 45 percent complete. But what we saw was absolutely stunning. The gameplay moved from cinematic sequences to gameplay without any noticeable visual difference. I could not tell when the movie ended and when the gameplay began.

Players control Kaim Argonar–a soldier in a battle against a huge number of robots. Swords appear to be the main weapon choice–as just about everyone wields one. However, the boss battle in the demo is a gigantic robotic cannon. But if RPG’s have taught us anything, the sword is mightier than the gun… that is unless the main character is using a gun.

When I first saw the demo for Lost Odyssey, I felt like I was watching an intense action game. An army of humans is getting decimated by robots. Just as it is looking bleak, the main character, Kaim Argonar, shows up on the scene and begins to change the outcome. This is when the game switches from intense action cinemas to turn-based RPG action. This type of gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea but in a market in desperate need for traditional Role Playing Games, on a system that has one, Lost Odyssey looks to be the type of game that could compete with the likes of Final Fantasy XIII. Visually the title is ever bit as impressive as Final Fantasy XIII and if the story can keep the attention of players, Lost Odyssey may have what it takes to be a great new franchise.

Once defeating the boss, something bad happens. There is a big earthquake and lava begins to appear everywhere. The demo at TGS 06 ends shortly after this with players being able to fight off traditional random combat battles and exploring the world covered in lava. We can’t wait to see a bit more of Lost Odyssey and it should be something really special.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/25/06
ESRB Details: Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

Screenshots for Lost Odyssey