Developer: Evolution Studios |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game |
Genre: Driving

Release Date: 03/06/07

motor4.jpgOne of the most visually stunning tech demos shown at E3 2005 was MotorStorm. Although the game has made a ton of progress since we last saw it at E3 2006, it still is not at the quality of the tech demo. That said, MotorStorm looks like it could be the second best launch title for the PlayStation 3. That is the last thing I expected to say after seeing the game at E3 earlier this year.

Simple and easy to control sums up playing MotorStorm. The right trigger gives you the gas, the left trigger gives you the brake, and the X button gives you a nitrous boost. Besides being simple to pick up, MotorStorm is pretty to look at. I can’t quite figure out what Developer Evolution Studios is doing here. However, it appears to be a combination of all sorts of effects. Great using of blurring, dust, shaky cameras, and it all gives you the feeling of being in an off-road race. This all looks great in the first person viewpoint camera.

The demo at TGS 2006 gives you three different vehicles to choose from. As you race, players will be involved with eleven other racers on each particular level. The other characters will have dirt bikes, dune buggies, or 4X4’s they race on. Each vehicle has its own unique handling. This gives a ton of replay value and allows players to choose the vehicle that fits their specific style of play. This is another excellent way Developer Evolution Studios has made MotorStorm easy to pick up and play.

motor2.jpg motor3.jpg motor_.jpg

The demo at the Tokyo Game Show 2006 was of one level on top of a Rocky area. When you are up this high, the last thing you want to do is fall because you are a long ways from the bottom of the mountain. This is yet another obstacle to avoid while trying to ultimately finish the race in first. But if you do find yourself falling off or crashing into something else, you get placed back on the track within a few seconds. Hopefully that precious time what cost you the race either.

Overall, MotorStorm is shaping up to be better than anyone thought it would be. Players of all skills will find something to love here and if Evolution Studios keeps up the good work, this could be a second must-have PlayStation 3 title on launch day. We just can’t wait to see more of this title.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/25/06
ESRB Details: Language, Violence

Screenshots for MotorStorm