Developer: Neverland |
Publisher: Sega
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: 03/20/07

Sega has been very busy at this year’s 2006 Tokyo Game Show. With numerous titles, Sega is set to appear on most platforms–with a ton of titles over the next fifteen months. One of these titles is the follow-up to the ill-received Shining Force Neo. Shining Force Exa is the second attempt at the rebirth of the Shining Force series on the PlayStation 2.

Like Neo, Shining Force Exa is an Action/RPG with an overhead perspective. The 2006 Tokyo Game Show Demo featured an early look at the new title.

Visually, Shining Force Exa looks better than Neo. The environments appear to be much more detailed and the characters look larger and slightly more detailed. Because of this, Shining Force definitely won’t be breaking new ground when it comes to the visuals. Fortunately for us, this series has always been about the gameplay.

In the TGS 06 Demo, Shining Force Exa has players controlling a sword-swinging warrior. Soon after the demo begins, players get into a big fight with a machine that kept throwing enemies towards our hero. After dealing with this threat, players gain control of a Female with magical abilities in another area. Besides magic she also wields a crossbow with an attitude.

If you have played Shining Force Neo, you will know what to expect in Exa. While no US release date has been given, I expect the title to be release outside of Japan.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/25/06
ESRB Details: – Fantasy Violence, Mild Language –

Screenshots for Shining Force Exa