Developer: Banpresto |
Publisher: Banpresto
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Strategy RPG

Release Date: TBA

One thing great about the Tokyo Game Show is that we get a chance to see all of the great games that are released in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, this also means we see games that we would want to play on our US consoles. Namco Bandai’s Super Robot Taisen XO is one of these titles that I would love to see in the US but has a snowballs chance in hell of making it here.

Super Robot Taisen XO is the latest in a series of Strategy games that have been released in the Land of the Rising Sun. the last version was released on the GameCube in 2004 with no release for North America. TGS 06 had both an online and offline demo at Microsoft’s booth.

Once the demo was running, Super Robot Taisen XO lacked true “next-gen” graphics and appeared more like a slight graphical update to the 2004 GameCube release of the series However, from what could be heard over the noise of TGS 06, the audio and sound was quite good. Since we will probably never see this game in the US, I wish the crowds would have quieted down for a bit. But nothing beats Japanese voices and theme songs from an anime series you have never seen before.

Super Robot Taisen XO played just like the GameCbue version. Players choose male or female sexes and then one of the two mechs. Since this is a Strategy RPG and I read Japanese about as well puppy dog reads English, many text boxes had to be skipped As the actual battle begins, controlling mechs is just like any other Strategy Role Playing game.

The online mode will be played over Xbox Live and will allow players to make trades with each other. Besides online matches with other Xbox 360 users, we aren’t sure what other modes will be available in the final product.

Like other Strategy Role Playing Games in Japan, we don’t get a large majority of the titles. While the situation has improved in the past few years, the US is still missing out on great SRPG franchises. Lets hope and pray to the gaming gods that Super Robot Taisen XO and others like it somehow come out in the US. The gaming world still needs companies like Working Designs to localize great Japanese games.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 09/27/06

Screenshots for Super Robot Taisen XO