Developer: Slant Six |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: Shooter

Release Date: 10/14/08

One of the most beloved franchises on the PlayStation 2 is SOCOM. This franchise has been immensely popular since the first title. Over the course of the franchise, over 10 million units have sold. To this day, it is the number one PS2 title played online and there are well over two million registered users in the SOCOM community. During peak usage, over 50,000 players normally participate in online matches–with the average user playing 4 and a half hours per session! SOCOM players are definitely hardcore about their game and this fall they would be able to take the fun and excitement of SOCOM to the next-gneration. Today, Sony officially lifted the embargo on their announcement of SOCOM Confrontation for the PlayStation 3.

The build of SOCOM Confrontation Sony showed at Gamer’s Day in San Diego was only in in video form. However, at only five months in development, the game looked really good. And before the Sony haters start, this was not a “fake Killzone video.” This was actual gameplay footage The video was set in a downtown city with several terrorist enemies up on rooftops and in buildings above the grounds. Your team goes in and quickly dispatches of these enemies from a multitude of directions.

Screen1.jpg Screen2.jpg Screen3.jpg

The explosions were nice, loud, and packed a lot of punch. However, there were not any area damage from firing weapons. Sony was unavailable to comment on specific questions for SOCOM right now but will be bringing us answers to these questions and more when we see them at the E3 Media Summit in July.

What we do know is that SOCOM Confrontation is an online only title with up to 32 player support. Sony refers to SOCOM as an “intimate 32 player combat.” The game will be set in environments that are much more dense to ensure that there are intense battles. Players will be able to purchase SOCOM Confrontation online via the PlayStation Network Store. In addition, a retail Blu-Ray disk will be made available with a multitude of features–including a bluetooth headset for communicating with your squad. In addition, the game will feature downloadable content through PSN with new characters, game modes, maps, and more. Price has yet to be announced for the downloadable content, the retail sku, or the PSN version of Warhawk.

Other features of Confrontation include the ability, for the first time, to control one of many different Special Forces groups from around the world. There will also be full support for clans to setup their own unique uniforms. Even if you are in a clan with a uniform, players will also be able to customize their individual look to further stand out in the crowd.

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Utilizing the PS3 Hard Drive and Sixaxis Controller, SOCOM Confrontation looks set to bring the classic franchise to the next-generation. Although details are still very tight about this title, keep reading CVGames for the latest. However, I don’t expect to learn anything new until the E3 Media Summit in July. SOCOM Confrontation will be available this fall on the PlayStation 3.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 05/17/07
ESRB Details: – Blood, Strong Language, Violence –

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation is a third-person shooter in which players battle each other with military weapons (machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, knives, etc.) in a modern warfare setting. Players assume the role of either mercenaries or commandos as they gather intelligence, rescue hostages, and mostly shoot-to-kill the opposing team. Combat can be frenetic with frequent gunfire and realistic sound effects such as explosions and cries of pain from defeated soldiers. Blood spurts occur when enemies are shot, and players can inflict post-mortem damage on enemies (e.g., more blood emissions from dead bodies). Strong profanity can be heard during gameplay (e.g., ‘f*ck’ and ‘sh*t’).

Screenshots for SOCOM Confrontation