Developer: Backbone |
Publisher: Konami
Players: 1 Player Game |
Release Date: 05/22/07 |
Genre: Simulation

brooktown.jpgFor some, High School was an awesome four year experience that people fondly look back upon. For others, those memories aren’t exactly the most pleasant. No matter what your experience was during these four years, Konami has unleashed a way for you to go back and relive High School or turn it into an enjoyable experience. Brooktown High: Senior Year is a mix of The Sims with elements of a dating simulation. Keep reading to find out if Brooktown High gets a passing grade or fails its final exam.

Brooktown High: Senior Year puts you in the shoes of a boy or girl that you create. No matter what sex you choose, Players will ultimately have the same experience. Your character transfers to Brooktown High and will find that their Senior year is filled with all the typical personalities you would find in any High School. These include the nerds, dumb jocks, preppy kids, and the rebellious. Interaction with each of these kids is key to succeeding in Brooktown High. It is best to get to school each day at 8:00 AM because class stars promptly at 8:30. This is the time where you socialize, gain popularity, and hook up with the opposite sex. Unfortunately, it appears Brooktown High must be in a very small community because there are only twenty students. It still makes no sense to me why anyone would transfer to such a small school. However, I assume the Developers felt that a larger number of kids would make the gameplay complicated.

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Once 8:30 rolls around, you better hurry off to class before the hall monitoring robot catches you and promptly electrocutes you. Personally I prefer missing out on a good electrical charge whenever possible. Once you are in class, you study one of four subjects: Physics, PE, Art, and French. The school allows all twenty students they have to pick the class they want to attend for the week. This is how you improve about your skills in the game. However, you don’t actually do anything in the class. It would have been a lot of fun if each of these classes had some sort of mini-game or actual test you took and you received a bigger stat increase depending on how well you performed. After you finish your day of classes, you have the option to get a job or join a club. You will have to find the right balance of making money with a job or having better grades by participating in the club.

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After a long week of classes, you have Saturday to study, call and setup dates, and go on dates. Dating is handled in conversation. But if you say the right things, you may get a kiss out of the deal. Nothing further than a kiss will ever occur in Brooktown High. In addition you can play some mini-games in your room to boost stats. The minigames are mostly dull and don’t improve your character enough to even bother playing them though. By the time 6:00 PM hits, it is time to wake up again at 8 AM on Monday morning and start another fun-filled week!

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As you complete the year, you will receive a summary of how your life turned out based on this year at Brooktown High. Players can start a new year and try and improve or just live out the year differently. However, Brooktown High is probably not a game you will want to play more than once. If you rent the game and think you will enjoy playing multiple school years, this is probably a game you want to pick up. However, for the rest of us, just like real life, High School is probably best left in the past and only experiencing one time.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/19/07
ESRB Details: Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language

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