Activision’s E3 press conference started out with comedian Jamie Kennedy making some topical jokes, and acted as host of the press conference. He introduced Robin Kaminsky Vice President of Publishing who highlighted the offerings for the rest of the year. After her, Jamie Kennedy introduced one developer after another, sometimes bringing out a special guest along as well.

First up was Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, where the goal is to be the best. Maybe that means getting your own shoe or deck, or perhaps starting up a skate team. It’s up to the player to decide how to get there. There was mention made of new features such as Nail the Grab, Nail the Manual and a new video editor. Tony Hawk came out, didn’t say much. The title comes from the gameplay, in that players are allowed to prove their skills their own way.

Mike Ward from Activision came on to talk about Bee Movie. Kennedy did a decent Jerry Seinfeld impersonation (“I’m a bee.”) and we saw some of the gameplay elements such as flying and driving (inside the hive).

Enemy Territory Quake Wars – Paul Wedgewood from Splash Damage came out to talk about how the game is coming to consoles. The game was started in 2003, and about 2 years ago they got controller support working well, so they thought that getting the game onto a console would be a good fit. The game looks great on Xbox 360, very fluid and well detailed. The game will reward players for doing their jobs, such as performing the Engineer duties of building bridges or whatever, and Medic healing teammates.

Jaime Beyfus came on to show Spider-Man Friend or Foe – a co-op game where Spider-Man teams up with various characters. Spider-man will meet various characters as boss battles, then they join the roster. Tokyo, Nepal, Egypt, and Transylvania are some of the locations in the game. This will be targeted towards younger Spider-Man fans. Spider-Man creator Stan Lee was in the audience.

Call of Duty 4 was shown, first the same trailer that was shown at Microsoft’s briefing. Then some gameplay that started out in a helicopter, rappelling down to secure a ship. Some of the crew were taken out as they were sleeping. The action is fast and intense and visuals very nice.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Players will be able to play co-op online as well as battle mode. Original tracks from Beastie Boys and Rolling Stones were announced. Slash came out, mentioned that he got hooked on Guitar Hero on a tour bus. He will be a boss battle in the game as well as providing an exclusive track.

By Daniel “Monk” Pel… – 07/11/07

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