On July 9, 2007, I was set to travel to LA for the new 2007 E3 Media Summit. My schedule was completely full with appointments lined up with practically everyone in the industry–even some that weren’t attending E3. The stage was set for one of the best shows we have ever attended. However, on the eve of my departure, the unthinkable happened… My father passed away on the morning of Sunday, July 8, 2007.

This took all of my family completely by surprise. My father was on his way to his farm and collapsed on the front lawn of his residence. His life was taken instantly and there was no way for the paramedics to revive him. Neighbors saw the fall and had 911 there within a few minutes.

My father is the person who is responsible for my love of videogames. We used to take weekly trips to Target to purchase new games for our Commodore 64. We would consistently play games together on the ancient computer and try to beat our high scores. Later on, when we lived in California and my sister and mom took a trip to visit some old friends, he took me to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System at Toys R Us. Years later, when the original Game Boy came out and it was harder to find than a Wii, he brought me home my first real handheld gaming device. Years later, he surprised me with a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and a copy of Final Fantasy II during the early launch period of the console. These early days of my gaming life fueled a passion and desire to become a hardcore gamer and a love for the RPG genre.

As I grew older and began to share his love for writing, he sent me to E3 in 1997. I left that show with the idea to start CVGames and he stood behind my desire to provide our readers with insightful reviews, previews, news, and editorial coverage. Sadly as he helped me begin my journey to cover E3 and start CVGames, his life ended on the week of what some are calling the last E3 show ever. As you can imagine, my trip to LA, for this ill-received E3 show, was canceled and I have spent the last month in deep depression, assisting in handling the affairs, providing whatever help I could give to my mom, and trying to begin a long overdue cleaning of my father’s office. (This is also the main office for our Parent Company’s office.) During this time, I have decided to cease further coverage on CVGames until all of these affairs have been handled and we could regain our focus. While we have not fully achieved our goals in this matter, we are slowly beginning to resume coverage here at CVGames.

I made this decision because this event proved to me that nothing is more important than family. I could care less about GTA being delayed, Halo 3 getting a 4 player co-op mode, the Xbox 360 Price Drop rumors, and any other news when my family needed me to step up and handle this situation. This has caused us to, unfortunately, fall behind on many previews, editorials, and reviews here on CVGames. But we will get caught up on these and you can expect full coverage to resume in the very near future.

My father would have turned 58 on July 21, 2007. With his passing there is a big hole in my heart and it just seems like part of me is missing. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time and me, my family, and the staff of CVGames recover from this tragic event.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/07/07

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