Coming into this with a great 2008 so far and what looks to be a great summer and fall lineup for the rest of 2008, as well as plenty of potential announcements, I definitely had the highest expectations for Sony. Though I was genuinely excited by some of what they showed, the presentation itself felt slightly unorganized.

They began with some PS3, and then went to PS2, then to PSN, then to PSP, then back to PS3. Coming off of E3 2007 where Sony clearly had the best press conference as well as a very well paced presentation, it seemed weird to me that they would jump around the map like that. I think they should have clearly started with a light touch on PS2, go to PSP, then PSN, and then end with a strong showing of their entire 2008 lineup and peak at what’s in store for 2009. But because of this odd approach to their presentation I don’t think they came out of it looking as strong as they could have.

Apart from that, one of the things from Sony’s conference that stood out for me most was the LittleBigPlanet approach to sales numbers and power point presentations, which collectively everyone who saw it agrees was genius. Other things that impressed me was the Resistance 2 on-stage single player presentation which looked awesome, the new Ratchet & Clank Future downloadable episode which I can’t wait for, Fat Princess which is a 32 player online PSN game that’s a mix between Team Fortress 2/Zelda/and Rampart, Infamous which was super impressive, Motorstorm Pacific Rift which is looking a lot better than it’s first showing, and MAG – Zipper’s new massive 256 player online war game which was FINALLY announced after it’s been speculated about forever, and thank god for SOCOM fans like myself that it’s not called SOCOM. Looks like the SOCOM franchise is completely in the hands of Slant Six now, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

If you noticed, God of War 3 was missing from my list. While I was happy to see it announced, even though we all knew it was coming, the CG trailer pretty much left us with nothing to talk about. Really would have been nice to see a more substantial trailer, or better yet, see the actual game in motion, though I’m sure it’s not ready to be shown.

If I were to choose a “winner” for the press conferences, I think Sony and Microsoft are clearly battling it out for first place. To me MS had the single most surprising announcement, but Sony had the best lineup of games, as unorganized as their presentation felt.  And Nintendo… well I enjoyed EA’s press conference more than Nintendo. Not much else to say.

By David Doel – 07/18/08

Screenshots for Sony’s E3 2008 Press Conference