Developer: Spark Unlimited |
Publisher: Gamecock Media Group
Players: 1+ Player Game |
Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: 10/31/08

legendary.jpgThere are a lot of big games coming out for the Xbox 360 in the next few months. So many in fact, that we may accidentally overlook a few gems here and there. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen with Spark Unlimited’s upcoming first person shooter Legendary. This game is looking fantastic and certainly deserves more time in the spotlight than it has been getting from the media. In today’s crowded first person shooter market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put out an FPS game that truly stands out. However, the developers at Spark have found a way to do just that; in Legendary you will find yourself battling not against aliens or science projects gone awry, but against mythical beasts such as minotaurs, griffins and werewolves just to name a few. Yes, I said werewolves. I know, totally awesome, right? Right!

Players take on the role of Charles Deckard, a thief hired to steal a mystical treasure. It just so happens that said mystical treasure is actually Pandora’s Box. Inside the box, as legend has it, has been sealed all the evils of mankind and one other thing. Along with vanity, lying, pining, slander, greed and envy was hope, sealed away into the magic box which was never meant to be opened. Well, our pal Chuck comes along and of course the inevitable happens: he opens the box. Oops. It doesn’t take long for him to realize this probably wasn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done. The building around him begins to fall to pieces. Columns come smashing down, floors are split apart and people are running frantically in absolute panic.

By opening the box, Charles has unleashed hell upon the Earth. Beasts believed to exist only in myth are now ravaging the cities and destroying human civilization. When the box was opened, something else happened too. Charles was branded with the mark of the Signet, which is the key to mankind’s survival and our last hope. The Signet allows Charles to absorb health from enemies and also gives him a special ability to emit bursts of energy to stun his enemies. We’re not sure if there is more to this special mark or not, but we would wager there is and that it will play a key part in Charles’ quest to seal the evils of man away once more.

Without a doubt, the main attraction in this game is the awesome enemies you’ll be facing off against. The mythical beasts will all attack you in their own way; werewolves will rely on their speed and agility to move in for close quarters combat where they will maul you with huge teeth and razor-sharp claws. The minotaurs will charge straight through anything in their path before using their immense strength to destroy you. The griffins will soar overhead and come crashing towards you or perhaps pick up large objects and heave them at you. The sheer size of the enemies and the world is astounding. The developers have stated that they wanted to focus on really giving the game a sense of scale and also to have superb enemy AI. As far as we can tell, they have succeeded admirably in both areas.

At the core, Legendary is a first person shooter and as such you can expect plenty of firepower to come your way. By utilizing the super natural abilities gained from opening the box along with the guns you find along the way, you can devise clever strategies to defeat your enemies. Of course, the guns ablazing technique should be fine too if you choose to go that route. You’ll pick up most of your weapons by taking down enemy soldiers who are part of a rival human faction seeking to obtain the power of the box. So not only will you have to deal with beasts of legend, but also with pesky power-drunk humans seeking to obtain the box for themselves.

For much of the game, you’ll have a squad of AI driven soldiers assisting you in combat. The enemies will target these men making your job all the more challenging. You’ll want to try to keep as many of your teammates alive as possible; they will likely return the favor at some point. With two factions of humans at war and mythical beasts vying to destroy humanity, there are times when you’ll be able to play the war parties against one another. Much like with the latest Turok release where you could hang back and let enemy units engage raging dinosaurs, so too can you let the werewolves make a hearty snack out of would-be adversaries.

Legendary looks like it has a lot going for it right now. The release date is scheduled for this September and we couldn’t be happier about it. Make sure you save some room in your game budget for this one- it may be the scariest FPS games you’re likely to play for quite some time.

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By Ryan Schaefer – 07/21/08
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

Screenshots for E3 2008: Legendary