Developer: Terminal Reality |
Publisher: Atari
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: 06/16/09

ghost.jpgThere’s something strange, in my PS3–Who Ya Going to Call? The Ghostbusters of course! We had a chance to sit down with the latest build of The Ghostbusters game, coming June 16, and it is shaping up very nicely.

For those of you not aware with the history of the game and Ghostbusters franchise, the game will take the places of the long-rumored–but never realized third film. The script for the game was penned by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and is full of the wit, sarcasm, and fun of the two films. In fact, after spending just a little time with Ghostbusters, it will make you appreciate how satisfying it is to be an actual part of the Ghostbusters team. Could this be the future of some sort of Games/Film hybrid?

Ghostbusters takes place two years after the last film and New York City is again plagued by even more spooks that need to be zapped and trapped. You play an unnamed rookie that has no voice, no name, and is just there to watch the incredible voice actors do their thing. Developer Terminal Reality was careful to try and explain your lack of a name and real identity away by hinting that rookie Ghostbusters usually don’t make it long… or at least that is what happened to the last guy!

To get players accustomed to the gameplay, you start off chasing slimer and learning how to zap and trap ghosts. I personally feel that the controls on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are not nearly as fun as the Wii. But you have to take the photo-realistic visuals or the cool controls. The best option though is to probably just opt for playing through on the PS3 and then playing through on the Wii.

Next on the agenda is a landmark from the first film–Hotel Sedgewick. Here you team up with Venkman (voiced by the incredibly talented Bill Murray) and wander various rooms and ballrooms to locate the ghosts plaguing the Five Star Hotel. As the action heats up and things spiral out of control, we get the luxury of hearing the charm of Bill Murray speak dialogue that will make you feel like this is not just a game but a real Ghostbusters experience.

The mission ends with a bang as you face off against the fan-favorite–the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The fight begins on the streets of Time Square but quickly reaches literal heights as you have to go up rooftops and dangle off buildings to stop him.

Ghostbusters is shipping June 16 and should be on everyone’s radar. Keep reading CVGames for the latest and a full review.

ghost1.jpg ghost2.jpg ghost3.jpg ghost4.jpg ghost5.jpg ghost6.jpg ghost7.jpg ghost8.jpg
By Kaleb Rutherford – 05/31/09
ESRB Details: Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Ghostbusters is Rated T for Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence, and Mild Language. As long as you don’t have any issues with players participating in a world of ghosts in a fantasy world, this title should be appropriate for just about any player.

Screenshots for Pre-E3 2009: Ghostbusters