Developer: Bioware |
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 Player Game |
Genre: Action

Release Date: 06/22/09

me2.jpgAfter promising us the moon and giving us a sliver of it, Bioware is trying to make it up to the fans by working with EA Mobile in Mass Effect Galaxy. While it isn’t the DLC and ongoing content we were first promised to have, but an iPhone game that bridges the gap between Mass Effect 1 and the upcoming sequel is sure better than nothing, right? From what we have seen so far, the answer is yes.

Mass Effect Galaxy features the story of Jacob Taylor, a Super-Soldier that witness the Geth attack on Eden Prime and tries to stop an attack on the Citadel. We have also been made aware of second character that Galaxy will feature. However, this character has not been revealed and will remain a secret for now.

The gameplay of Mass Effect Galaxy will feature a top-down action perspective where players will issue commands by pressing on the screen. In addition to the action, the dialogue choices, made famous by the first title, will be used in Galaxy. Of course, since the iPhone platform is not nearly as powerful as the 360, EA Mobile has gone for a more “cartoonish” look that seems to be on par with art we might see in a graphic novel.

Not many other details are known at this time–including the release date. However, since the title does bridge the gap between Mass Effect 1 and 2–and Mass Effect 2 is due out later this year–I would imagine we will see this title appearing in the iTunes Store later this summer.

If further details are revealed, we will bring them to you live from E3!

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By Kaleb Rutherford – 05/31/09

Screenshots for Pre-E3 2009: Mass Effect Galaxy