10:38:58 AM: Contributing Editor Dominick Fleres and myself are on the bus headed to the site of the Microsoft E3 briefing. I hope they have food.

10:44:20 AM: I think our bus driver is lost. We have circled around the same hotels three times.

10:48:14 AM: Never-ending circles have ended and driver now appears to know where he is going.

10:59:26 AM: At site of Microsoft Press Briefing. Dominick and me are now standing in a huge line. No food and just more waiting? Way to impress us MS.

11:22:13 AM: Still in line and MS Booth Officials asking us to squeeze in tighter to allow for more more people.

11:27:43 AM: Microsoft is supposed to be doing a musical number to make up for the extra 5 minutes. MS conference is supposed to last 95 minutes.

11:30:36 AM: Tony Hawk is supposed to at the MS Briefing. My guess is some type of exclusive Xbox 360 version of Tony Hawk Ride.

11:32:21 AM: Cliffy B is here and was talking to Kotaku in front of us. Epic is rumored to be showing off something big today.

11:35:29 AM: People are talking about a new Halo game being shown from Bungie. But didn’t Bungie break off from MS to concentrate on other franchises?

12:02:26 PM: Finally sitting Dow in Upper Section with Dominick. The show starts in 25 minutes.

No food but at least MS left us a bottle of water.

12:16:28 PM: Lips Number One Hits announced for Xbox 360. Looks a lot like more of the same. Couldn’t they do DLC instead?

12:18:44 PM: Microsoft is finally releasing Episode 1 of 1 vs 100 Beta Live tonight at 7:30 PT on Xbox Live.

12:28:25 PM: First game shown is Beatles Rock Band with Cel shaded visuals.

12:31:32 PM: Beatles Rock Band is coming 9.9.09–the same day the CD’s are being re-released an remastered.

12:35:52 PM: Beatles Rock Band will feature 45 Beatles tracks spanning their entire library.

12:38:41 PM: Full albums will be available shortly after launch. The first will be Abby Road. All You Need Is Love will be available exclusively on 360.

12:41:33 PM: Yoko appeared on stage to waive. Now Paul And Ringo are on stage!! Ringo says the game is good, graphics are good, & they look great.

12:44:37 PM: 10 never before seen games today.

12:45:56 PM: Tony Hawk is on stage with final board design of their new skateboarding controller. Game and board ships later this year.

12:49:18 PM: Modern Warfare 2 is up next and the graphics are even better than the first title.

12:53:41 PM: Live demo from Infinity Ward of MW2. You climb up icy cliffs. They finally get to some guns. Sorts stealth shooting gameplay.

12:55:33 PM: So much for stealth. Now MW2 moves to insane action and run and gun gameplay.

12:57:09 PM: Now they are flying down a snowmobile shooting enemies and trying to escape. Freaking awesome!!

12:57:51 PM: Infinity Ward will release two Modern Warfare 2 map packs first on Xbox Live

12:59:50 PM: Next up on Stage is Square-Enix and Final Fantasy XIII. They are showing the first look of FF13 running on Xbox 360.

1:01:31 PM: The battles feature 4 Active Time Battle Bars. The more you fill up bars, the bigger the attacks.

1:02:27 PM: Spring 2010 release for Final Fantasy XIII.

1:04:48 PM: Epic is announcing their first Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex. This title is running on Unreal Tournament 3 Engine.

1:06:04 PM: Shadow Complex will feature a ton of replayability, big bosses, and a lot of yawns from the audience. Game releases this Summer.

1:07:37 PM: Next Yawn, I mean title, is Joy Ride. This is a new Avatar Racing game that is free to download and play with paid upgrades this Winter.

1:09:25 PM: Next up is Crackdown 2. The showing was brief and it looks awesome.

1:10:37 PM: We have Left 4 Dead 2 coming 11/17/09 exclusively for 360. It is a bloody good time and has chainsaws.

1:12:10 PM: The long awaited Splinter Cell Conviction is shown and looks unbelievable. Definitely worth the wait.

1:15:20 PM: Live demo of Splinter Cell Conviction now. Fisher is out for revenge for the death of his daughter. Fisher is lethal w/sandbox gameplay.

1:17:49 PM: Sam is a complete maniac now and can even take enemies on in full force in or out of stealth modes. Splinter Cell Conviction Ships this fall

1:18:41 PM: In October, Forza Motorsport 3 will release.

1:22:38 PM: Forza 3 is said to be the best looking game of this generation and will run at 60 FPS. We are now seeing the Forza Xbox Live Painters. Yawn

1:23:47 PM: Forza 3 will feature the ability to make, edit, and upload HD movies from the game.

1:27:18 PM: Halo 3 ODST is being demo’d now. You play The Rookie who is lost from his team weeks before the start of Halo 3.

1:29:53 PM: Gameplay is tweaked Halo 3 and is running silky smooth. Another scene is shown with other ODST characters you control in squad gameplay.

1:30:55 PM: Halo 3 ODST will feature a new co-op mode and wil sho 9/22/09.

1:32:38 PM: Secret Bungie title being shown for first time. Halo Reach coming 2010. Halo ODST will give you access to Halo Reach Beta.

1:35:12 PM: Alan Wake is now being shown for the first time in a very long while. The game is stunning with Silent Hill 1 third person gameplay.

1:36:56 PM: Very spooky environments with lots of flash back and flash forward sections. Enemies light up as you aim at them with flashlight.

1:38:12 PM: As playing through the demo, game plays out like an interactive novel with engrossing narrative VoiceOvers.

1:39:10 PM: Alan Wake will ship Spring 2010.

1:40:28 PM: Last FM is teaming up with Microsoft to deliver a client this year–free to all Gold Members.

1:42:26 PM: Netflix will be upgraded to allow you to browse selections from your Xbox without a PC. Xbox will offer England and Ireland Sky live TV.

1:43:27 PM: HD video library being upgraded to 1080p with instant full HD streaming. No disks. No waiting, & no delay. This launches this fall.

1:44:44 PM: Movies, TV, and Music can all be shared by Live Party. Now all experiences can be shared with friends away from your couch.

1:47:21 PM: Microsoft announces Facebook on Xbox 360 with Felecia Day on stage. All aspects of Facebook will be available on the Xbox.

1:48:27 PM: Facebook Connect will allow future games to post status updates and screenshots.

1:49:28 PM: Felicia now reveals Twitter will also be coming to Xbox 360. Both facebook and Twitter are coming this fall to Xbox 360.

1:51:31 PM: Metal Gear Franchise is being announced for Xbox 360. Metal Gear Rising is the next title and it will be on Xbox 360.

1:53:29 PM: Kojima is on stage showing Raiden as the new face for Metal Gear and Kojima reveals it will be an all-new gameplay style for the franchise.

1:55:32 PM: Microsoft is announcing they are making YOU the controller with a really idiotic promo trailer dorky motion controllers with friends.

1:56:15 PM: This is making the Wii arm swinging look intelligent.

1:57:38 PM: They are now showing facial and voice recognition. Think talking to your TV to others like Wii Speak. We all know how well that worked out.

1:59:23 PM: Microsoft reveals codename Project Natal. It is a prototype and saying when it launches they will never have to launch a new console.

2:01:50 PM: Steven Spielberg is on stage to talk about a magic voodoo box, Project Natal, like it is happening this year. This thing is a LONG ways off.

2:04:06 PM: Kudo Tsunoda is on stage trying to make me eat my words. First up is the dashboard. The Xbox will recognize you & sign you in automatically.

2:05:12 PM: The magic voodoo box allows you to move your arms to navigate menus. Your avatar also mimics your movements.

2:07:01 PM: Ms just tool a shot at Nintendo by saying Project Natal is no wagglefest. This is real motion control. I’m still not impresses.

2:08:31 PM: Now we are throwing paint on the screen with Project Natal. Did anyone tell MS it might be better to end with the Kojima announcement?

2:11:39 PM: Project Natal is available for developers to start building games today.

2:13:01 PM: Peter Molyneux says we haven’t begun to make interactive games until Project Natal.

2:15:06 PM: Lionhead Studios have a game, for Project Natal, that recognizes you, interacts with you, and knows you. Is Skynet being born on Xbox?

2:18:27 PM: The game being shown, the world of Mylo, is crazy. You can take paper, write on it, & hand it to the game. It scans paper & puts it in game.

2:30:07 PM: Press Conference is over, kids. I still think MS should have stopped with Metal Gear instead of Project Natal. More thoughts on that later.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/01/09

Screenshots for E3 2009: Live From Microsoft Media Briefing