7:03:32 PM: Is this The Soup or Ubisoft’s Press Conference? How about both!!

7:06:09 PM: This is the most packed press conference of the day.

7:11:48 PM: Peter Jackson will be working Ubisoft again on Tintin.

7:13:49 PM: Ubisoft is serious about converging the world of games and movies. Titles like Avatar are proof of this.

7:17:42 PM: Ubisoft is developing over 100 shots for use in James Cameron’s Avatar movie. This is a first for the gaming industry.

7:18:39 PM: Short movies will be made, this Fall, using Assassins Creed 2.

7:19:27 PM: Ubisoft is transforming from a simple gaming company to a full 3D studio that covers all media.

7:20:40 PM: James Cameron is on stage to talk about the upcoming Avatar movie and game.

7:23:43 PM: Avatar was an idea Cameron had over 10 years ago. His teams said that there was no technology available to make it… Until now!

7:33:12 PM: Cameron is proud that they have crated the standard for developing a Movie and Game at the same time.

7:34:23 PM: Joel is back on stage doing his thing.

7:37:23 PM: Red Steel 2 is up next with a good mix of swords and guns. Wii Motionplus seems to have really helped the controls.

7:40:55 PM: First level of Red Steel 2 is now playing. you’re drug by a motorcycle w/ hands tied up & you get free, shoot the motorcycle, & are free.

7:43:12 PM: The harder you swing your Wiimote, the harder your sword swings. Controls can also be customized.

7:45:35 PM: A boss known as The Hammer is now on screen. Players have to avoid him and come in for a quick slice.

7:46:26 PM: Red Steel 2 will be bundled with Wii MotionPlus when it ships later this year.

7:49:00 PM: Shaun Hill Snowboarding World Stage returns to the Wii this Winter with more of everything and Balance Board support.

7:50:24 PM: Joel introduces PELE on the stage as the greatest soccer player of all time. The crowd goes nuts.

7:59:14 PM: The trailer for Academy of Football Champions is shown with on CG. The game is designed exclusively for the Wii.

8:01:22 PM: From PELE to Splinter Cell Conviction–we get our second look at the title today.

8:04:30 PM: Just heard a rumor that Assassins Creed 2 won’t be shown until Sony Press Conference.

8:08:41 PM: We are getting a slightly extended demo of Splinter Cell Conviction with a few Developer comments. Disappointed this has already been shown.

8:13:34 PM: Splinter Cell Conviction is still one of the best running games shown during E3 so far.

8:18:02 PM: Ruse trailer was just shown via a trailer with a Microsoft surface like table that appears to be a strategy game for 360, PS3, and PC.

8:22:09 PM: Imagine is being shown along with Petz and other girl games. Why am I wasting my battery typing this? Tween Games 2.0 fail.

8:26:46 PM: Ubisoft is now talking Fitness games with Your Shape. This is the fastest growing genre in the industry.

8:29:49 PM: Your Shape is coming to the Wii this holiday season and will include a camera that is used to scan, monitor, and actively track you.

8:33:43 PM: Rabbids Go Home is next up. The goal is to build a pile of junk high enough to reach the moon.

8:41:28 PM: Rabbids Go Home is playing like Katamari with a shopping cart. You gather objects by knocking out people and it piles up on your cart.

8:43:06 PM: Other levels can contain other vehicles with the shopping cart like a jet engine with a cart on top.

8:47:03 PM: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game being shown as a Super Smash Bros clone coming on 9/22/09 for the Wii.

8:47:40 PM: No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle announced for the Wii.

8:48:51 PM: It is funny to hear French people try to say Japanese names.

8:50:24 PM: Ubisoft is teaming up with Q Entertainment but nothing specific to announce just yet.

8:52:59 PM: Assassins Creed 2 trailer being shown. My sources were wrong about it debuting tomorrow. Trailer is all CG.

8:55:46 PM: Press Conference over. Thanks for reading.

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By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/01/09

Screenshots for E3 2009: Live From Ubisoft Media Briefing