9:28:20 AM: Dominick and me are at the Nokia Plaza for the Nintendo Press Briefing. New site for the event so perhaps games for the hardcore this year?

9:49:44 AM: We are sitting down and this is the nicest press conference location so far. We will have photos up this evening.

11:03:27 AM: Nintendo press comference is starting now.

11:06:27 AM: Cammie is taking the stage and talking how big the industry is. We already know this. Cammie’s spin is Nintendo builds for all gamers.

11:07:27 AM: Cammie is promising surprises today. Hinting at Mario.

11:09:25 AM: 4 is the key to Mario’s new surprise. New Super Mario Bros for Wii is announced with 4 Player Mode.

11:11:51 AM: 2D New Super Mario Bros Wii is being played with 4 Players. The entire game can be played in single or multiplayer mode.

11:13:06 AM: It is nice to see a new 2D Mario but the game seems like it would be more fun on the DS.

11:13:52 AM: New Super Mario Bros. Wii will ship this holiday season exclusively for the Wii.

11:15:06 AM: Cammie is talking Wii Fit Plus.

11:16:46 AM: 6 new strength & yoga exercises bit it appears you’re still in charge of picking your individual workouts.

15 new workout games included.

11:18:01 AM: A mode included that let’s you experience life as Mario. Wii Fit Plus available later this year in standalone and Balance board skus.

11:18:35 AM: Reggie takes center stage.

11:20:16 AM: Reggie is talking Wii MotionPlus that will make games feel and play more real.

11:24:13 AM: Wii Sports Resort is taking center stage as the focal point for Wii MotionPlus.

11:25:48 AM: Skydiving is the first activity you will do in Wii Sports Resort. The Wiimote is your Mii and you use it to control the skydiving.

11:27:22 AM: Archery is next up and the MotionPlus accessory really makes a difference. Looks like a fun mini game with wind and other factors.

11:28:14 AM: Reggie back on stage for a 3 point basketball shootout.

11:30:17 AM: Basketball looks hard mainly because the controls are so realistic.

11:31:15 AM: Wii Sports Resort ships on July 16, 2009.

11:32:58 AM: More third party games were sold for Wii and NDS than any other platform.

11:35:23 AM: New RPG from Square Enix coming to Wii. Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers.

Kingdom Hearts coming 9.22.09 for Nintendo DS.

11:36:47 AM: Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story announced for Nintendo DS. Features more of the classic RPG gameplay from the series.

11:37:51 AM: Fall 2009 release Mario and Luigi RPG for US and Europe.

11:38:56 AM: Golden Sun DS coming in 2010.

11:40:13 AM: James Patterson Women’s Murder Club Games of Passion coming October 09 and will play out like an interactive book. Very cool idea.

11:41:38 AM: COP The Recruit is coming from Ubisoft for the Nintenso DS. Looks like a GTA style hardcore action title.

11:42:53 AM: Tween games are all the rage this year and Cammie is showing off Style Savvy for the DS. Hardcore gamers moan.

11:44:53 AM: DSi is getting a promo video with real people saying nice things about the console.

11:45:56 AM: DSi sales have surpassed 1 million sales and the same time period has sold 400,000 DS Lites. Who doesn’t own one of these things now?

11:46:48 AM: Flip Notes Studio coming to DSi this summer.

11:48:04 AM: Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again announced for DSiware on June 8. First big DSiware for the platform.

11:49:29 AM: This summer you can automatically upload and share photos to Facebook via the DSi.

11:50:34 AM: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks is playable at E3 this week but no release date given.

11:52:21 AM: Mr. Iwata takes the stage and he may reveal something big. I just have that feeling.

11:54:36 AM: 295 Million People actively play games and 149 million are interested but don’t play. Nintendo wants to reach those players.

11:55:57 AM: Nintendo doesn’t want games to be based on skills because it keeps new players out. But then the skilled player is left out.

11:58:04 AM: Nintendo is hoping to build games for both types of players by having different options. For example the Wheel for MarioKart for the casual.

12:00:08 PM: Wii Vitality Sensor is announced to sense your tension and change the experience based on how each player responds to the game.

12:00:46 PM: Okay that wasn’t the big reveal I was hoping for.

12:02:13 PM: Cammie is back on stage for another Mario announcement. It looks like Mario Galaxy with Yoshi.

12:04:20 PM: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is revealed for the Wii. No release date or any other details. The trailer shown looks like More Mario galaxy.

12:05:53 PM: Reggie is talking hardcore third party Wii titles. First up The Conduit shipping in 3 weeks.

12:07:04 PM: Next Is Capcom’s RE The Darkside Chronicles rail shooter featuring Leon Kennedy.

12:08:22 PM: Lastly EA’s Dead Space Extraction. This is the prequel to Dead Space and is another rail shooter.

12:11:26 PM: Reggie announces partnership with Team Ninja. Trailer for Metroud Other M shown as a FPS third person action hybrid. 2010 release.

12:12:41 PM: Metroud Other M looks like it will completely reboot the franchise in a way that the hardcore fan will eat up. Awesome stuff.

12:15:38 PM: Nintendo Conference over. Now on to Sony.

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By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/02/09

Screenshots for E3 2009: Live from Nintendo Media Briefing