Developer: United Front Games |
Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game |
Genre: Driving

Release Date: 05/25/10

mod.jpgHave you ever played a Kart Racing title and thought you could make a better track? Just like LittleBig Planet allowed you to create, share, and play by yourself and with others locally and over the Internet, ModNation Racers hopes to do the same exact thing for the racing genre. We had a chance to sit down with the game during a Closed Door “Breakout Session” at E3 2009.

Before the Kart Racing and Track Creation begins, ModNation Racers will allow you to fully customize your character. There are hundreds of possible outcomes for you to create your characters in the current build. You can customize your hair, clothes, facial features and more. Plus–these are likely to be increased as the title gets closer to its release date. Customization also goes to your Kart and you will be able to fully customize your Karts as well.

More impressive than the customization of Karts and Characters is the creation of tracks. Anyone can create a fully playable track and it can be done in as little as five minutes. This very feat was accomplished during Sony’s E3 Media Briefing and it was so impressive that some didn’t believe the technology was real. During our Breakout Session, this was proven to not only be real but the same track editor you can use is also used by the developers to make the game.

Tracks are made by driving your Kart around from a bird’s eye view. You have full freedom to move the track up, down, left, right, and any direction! If you pass over the track, the game automatically knows you want to make a bridge. Once you make the track, you can jump into the game and check it out. Computer controlled AI will be placed in the game as well so you can see how they react to your track as well. You can slip out of testing and modify your track at any point. In fact, you can even modify existing tracks from the game and other downloaded tracks from other players. Once you are satisfied with the track, players can raise/lower the water level, change the time of day, add villages, animals, trees, mountains, texture of roads, etc. Once you add in some weapons, you have virtually unlimited creative freedom.

ModNation Racers is coming from United Front Games for a 2010 release. More features will be revealed in the coming months. Stay tuned for more on this incredible looking title.

mod1.jpg mod2.jpg mod3.jpg
By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/05/09
ESRB Details: – Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief -

This is a racing game in which players can create and customize their own go-karts and race against others on colorful tracks. During races, players can collect power-ups (‘cartoony’ missiles, bombs, electricity attacks, etc.) that can be used to slow down opponents. Racers react to damage by appearing ‘dizzy,’ or getting briefly shocked; some attacks result in brief explosions on the track, as racers are sent flying off screen. Commentators and racers sometimes engage in slapstick humor: a character wears red underwear while dancing on the sports desk; a racer picks his nose and makes a flicking gesture; a commentator pinches a character’s neck, causing him to pass out. Dialogue contains lines such as ‘You succumbed to my atomic wedgie’ and ‘Hugging is for Girl Scouts, hippies…and eye-talians.’

Screenshots for E3 2009: ModNation Racers