Microsoft’s extravagant E3 debut hasn’t quite started yet, but the announcements have already begun. Multiple outlets are reporting on the final name of Project Natal, as well as a slim version of the Xbox 360.

USA Today has revealed the soon-to-be official name of the company’s motion sensing device: Kinect. In addition, they list a number of upcoming games. [Editor’s Note: The USA Today article has now been taken down, but it will probably be posted again, so check the link later]

These include: a pet training game, a collection of sports games ( think Wii Sports), a dance title currently in development by MTV Games and another compilation mini games in the form of obstacle courses (the highlight being a white water rafting affair). Joyride, Microsoft’s casual racer which puts 360 avatars behind the wheel, is getting Kinect support as well.

Big name licenses aren’t missing out either. Star Wars and Disney are said to have Kinect games in development.

If that wasn’t enough, an ad for a new version of the Xbox 360 briefly appeared on an Italian website. The ad shows a sleek looking 360 with an all-new mold and information on what’s inside the svelte system: built-in WiFi and a 250GB hard drive. The ad has since been taken down, and has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s world premier of Project Natal (Kinect) kicks off tonight, followed tomorrow by their E3 press conference tomorrow morning.

By Mark Melnychuk – 06/13/10

Screenshots for Kinect the New Natal & Slim it Down