We are live at the EA Press Conference at the Orpheum Theatre. Unfortunately, the Wifi is not working here and AT&T forgot to include coverage here. We at CVGames would like to take a moment and sarcastically thank AT&T for their awesome coverage. Guess this is one of the 3% of Americans AT&T does’t cover…

2:10 The EA Press Conference has begun with the new Criterion Games Need for Speed. Showing a vicious police chase with multiple cars banging into each other. Now a helicopter has come into the mix trying to slow down the speeding cars.

2:12 Craig Sullivan, Creative Director, at Criterion Games is on the stage announcing that Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is coming 11.16.10. They are planning on redefining the experience with epic cars, hot drives, and Hot Pursuits for a connected world.

2:13 Matt Webster is on stage and is going to race, as the civilian car, against Craig, as the police car. This is showing a taste of how the online action will be in Hot Pursuit.

This is showcasing some “Burnout style” gameplay mechanics for Need for Speed. The on-screen radar helps users keep up with where the other player is heading and to give you some direction when trying to knock their car out.

You crash into the other players to defeat them just like in Burnout.

2:17 John Riccitiello, CEO of EA, is on stage saying that they are here to show 10 great games from 10 great producers. Next up is Dead Space 2.

2:18 Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer, of Dead Space 2, is up on stage to deliver a true ultimate sequel. Award winning sound, gruesome action sequences, and even more terror. Isaac is taking the action to the enemy and they will challenge you physically and psychologically.

Rich Briggs, Producer is on stage to demo in a church. Almost immediately a spider-creature falls down on you and I nearly jumped out of my seat. You are left for dead but get up and have to regroup against little screaming midget creatures that are trying to chew you in pieces. Of course, we can’t have that happening and you have enough weapons and skills to slice through these slimy little people.

2:22 Enemies jump out of everywhere and we are seeing a more refined experience from the first game. Cutting off limbs has still never been more fun.

2:23 Isaac is now about the confront his new nightmare, the Sprawl. Isaac is nearly sucked out of the window when a helicopter shoots the windows out and you fall through a hole to a menacing boss creature. Dead Space 2 will have an exclusive demo tomorrow at the Sony Press Conference.

2:25 John is back on stage saying that the Dead Space 2 Demo was a lot different than they had planned for but it went well and was scary. They want to lead the horror genre. Now they are talking about retaking the lead on the First Person genre with Medal of Honor.

2:26 Sean Decker, General Manager, EA Los Angeles, is on the stage saying that DICE is going to work with EA Los Angeles to make the most modern warfare experience. On stage, 24 screens come down and they are going to demo 24 player Team Assault.

Medal of Honor takes place in Afghanistan. The key to survival is moving. If you like to snipe and camp, the AI will take you out.

2:28 24 Screens pop up and showing an unbelievable looking shooter that is very fast and realistic. Though I have never been in war, this is about as close as I would want to get.

2:29 Multiplayer is great… I just hope the single player campaign is good. The release date is October 12, 2010.

2:30 June 21 is the beta for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. “Step up to Tier 1”

2:33 Katrina Strafford, Senior Director, is on stage to showcase Gun Club. This is to help gamers get news on events and get rewards. This is EA’s rewards program for players. You will be able to get access to demos and betas earlier. Join at Gunclub.ea.com

2:34 Katrina is now talking about a new DLC Pack for Battlefield Bad Company 2 coming this Winter. The community is over 5 million players strong. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is the new expansion pack coming this Winter 2010. Competing with Activision and Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Are there any original ideas out there?

2:35 Peter Moore, President of EA Sports, is on the stage talking about EA Sports MMA. They are partnering with Strikeforce MMA and are having a live event this Wednesday. EA has been developing MMA for two years. EA is timing and consistency over complex controls.

2:38 EA Live Broadcast is announced that will give you a chance to fight against others, with live broadcasters, and people watching all over the world. My question is, why will people watch?

2:41 EA Sports Active 2 is now being talked about by another executive. EA is going multiplatform, wireless, and online. You can optimize your workout with a wireless heart monitor, track your progress online, and share with others on your own EA Active website.

Coming on November 16, 2010.

2:43 EA Active 2 will be on Kinect. They are demoing all three versions on the stage. There is a heart rate monitor on the left arms and the PS3 and Wii versions have a wireless device attached to one of their legs. The Kinect version does not have the wireless sensor.

You can bring in your own weights to make the experience even better.

I must say, the Kinect version looks really good. Though one extra sensor is really not that bad with the other consoles.

2:46 EA Active Online will give you real time stats that you can see true fitness results and help compare with your friends.

2:47 Peter is back on stage to speak about the new changes in Madden NFL 11. They are making Madden, deeper and simpler. First is with Gameflow that tries to mirror how games are played on Sunday.

2:49 Joe Montana is taking the stage talking about Bill Walsh. He is really showing his age now but I bet he could still come in to the 49ers and get us a W on Sunday this year.

2:51 Gameflow simplifies things but the hardcore probably won’t like that. Anything that makes football more realistic is a good idea in my book.

2:53 Madden NFL 11 will be able to play a game in half the as in prior years. You will be able to make the plays, instead of making the calls with Gameflow in NFL Madden 11.

2:54 Closing thoughts from Peter is that they are making new games for the core but making them more accessible for the casual. Wherever, whenever, and however fans want to experience them.

2:55 Do we have any choice that we would be here today? Do we have any free will? Rod Humble, Executive Producer of Sims 3, asks this question on stage. Play with Life. This is the theme of Sims 3.

The Sims 3 is giving The Sims freewill. EA is working on bringing new sophistications to the Sims on consoles. And these changes are coming soon. In fact, it is coming this fall to consoles.

3:01 John Riccitiello is back on stage with two new partners, Respawn Studios and Insomniac Games. Crysis 2 is next up and Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO, and President of Crytek is on stage.

Crysis 2 is a new sandbox experience. You aren’t ever told what to do or where to do it. You can experience the game as you see fit. This is new warfare and you are the ultimate super soldier. You will be tasked with saving New York. “We will have the most intelligent enemies in any First Person Shooter.

3:08 Crysis 2 will be the only game this year that gives full 3D on all platforms. The effect is definitely cool but not sure about it being life changing. Also Crysis 2 looks good and fun but not as good as some other shooters I have seen.

Definitely cool as a cinematic experience but we aren’t seeing any real gameplay with the glasses on.

3:12 Cliffy B is on stage showcasing an over the top First Person Shooter Bulletstorm. The game is coming to 2.22.11. The “Circle of Awesome” is revealed that lets you do cool stuff, to unlock more cool stuff, to give you more cool stuff.

3:14 A sneak peak of the first part of the game is up next. This is making me want to go back and play some more Borderlands. These graphics really don’t seem like an Unreal Engine game. But kicking people int electricity sure is fun. But any game that has lines like “you scared the dick off me” is one that doesn’t take itself very seriously.

3:18 A fat enemy comes on stage and your character makes fun of him. Saying he is an elite soldier with a few dozen buckets of KFC in him. You shoot him up his butt to kill him and the sill you get is “Fire in the Hole.” Awesome fun.

3:20 Star Wars The Old Republic Time with Gregg Zeschuk, from Bioware, and Mary Bihr, from LucasArts, are here to announce that all players will get their own spaceship to use to explore the galaxy. The debate between light versus dark will be able to continue in The Old Republic in Warzones. This is how they will handle PVP.

3:22 Star Wars The Old Republic will be playable on the show floor. Trailer time. A scene with Republic Storm Troopers are fighting against machines and an army of Sith Warriors. The Sith prevail in this warzone battle. But then a group of Jedi appear to save the day at the last moment. With dual blade lightsabers.

This is a trailer with no real gameplay footage. Like last year, I do not consider trailers to be anything other than really cool.

3:28 John is back on stage thanking all the developers for the games they have shown today and asking us to check out hands on with Star Wars The Old Republic tomorrow at E3.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/14/10

Screenshots for E3 2010 EA Press Conference