10:30 AM Live at Microsoft’s E3 2010 Press Confernence. The show has begun.

10:33 AM Treyarch Studio Head just showed the first trailer at the press conference. Now they are showing a demo of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game.

10:35 “In the interest of time” the demo cuts ahead to the end of the tunnel where you are trying to take a helicopter from the Viet Kong. The graphics, framerate, and gunplay all seem to be on the level of what Infinity Ward put out.

10:37 An on rails shooter portion as you are controlling the back of a helicopter and shooting enemies. Many fires and explosions occur. “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!!”

10:40 Don is on stage and just announced that Microsoft and Activision have agreed to a 3 year deal where all Call of Duty Map Packs and Expansions will arrive first on Xbox 360.

10:42 Kojima is on the stage and just relieved a very horrible and shaky sounding Don Matrick. Metal Gear Rising is a Sword Action game that is going to be shown for the first time hear at the Microsoft Press Conference.

10:44 Demo of Metal Gear Rising Playing. Tons of details with bullets all over a rusty old building and a menacing looking enemy. Raiden drops in and slices him in half and absorbs his energy. This is Metal Gear Solid Rising Lightning Bolt Action.

Cut, Cut, Cut at will
Cut, Cut what you will.

You can slice things any way you want. They are showing Raiden cut a watermelon.

What will you cut? The power is in your hands!

10:47 Phil Spencer on stage claiming that Microsoft is all about only making experiences possible on the Xbox 360. “This is our biggest year ever…” Boasting Gears of War, Halo Reach, Fable 3, and Microsoft Kinect.

10:48 The rest of the games shown at today’s Press Conference will only be available on Xbox 360.

10:49 Cliff Bleszinski is on stage to show off Gears of War 3 with a live demo.

10:50 Action and bloodshed occurs on screen with a more refined Gears of War 2 experience. Some may think this is a bad thing… this is a good thing.

10:53 The demo ends with a big bad boss slamming down on our heroes. Cliff ends the demo saying that a new mode called Beast will be unveiled.

10:54 Peter Molnyeux just took the stage to talk about Fable 3. Can Fable 3 be exclusive to Xbox 360 when it is coming out on PC? Peter said it will be coming out on October 26, 2010.

10:56 Phil Spencer is back on stage to announce an exclusive title… Kingdoms running on the Crytek Engine.

10:58 Phil Spencer ignores any other details and is now talking about Halo Reach. Marcus Litto, from Bungie, is on stage talking about the 2.7 million beta players for Halo Reach. This is the most ambition game Bungie has ever created. Now it is time for a taste of the Halo Reach Campaign.

11:00 Halo Reach campaign beginning with a group of other characters and the classic Halo HUD. A Covenant attack is beginning and your squad has to fight them off and the vast number of enemy pods falling from the sky.

Graphics are good but not anywhere near PlayStation 3 Killzone 3 quality. The action is fast and furious and running at a steady 60 FPS. So I can forgive the lack of visual quality from the 360.

It is really awesome to see a squad of Spartans–especially when there is a new third person kill mode.

11:03 Halo Reach now showing a brief space fighting sequence. Space combat would be an awesome addition to Halo Reach.

11:04 Marc Whitten is now taking stage with crazy audio popping. They are interrupting him on stage to give him a new microphone. He is here to talk about Kinect. Saying that this will take away all barriers and learning curves to playing games. This will revolutionize all media by allowing you to watch TV, play games, and interact with friends without a remote or controller. This is the vision of Microsoft Kinect. “This is what happens when technology gets out of your way.”

11:06 Ron is on stage. You wave your hand and you sign in. You wave one more time and you get a Kinect menu with your favorites menu. This is the Kinect Hub. It is easy, simple, and no controller required.

Kinect allows voice activated controls. You simply say “Xbox” and if you see it, say it. Xbox 360 will open it up

Ron is moving is hand on stage and you can see how wobbly and hard to use it is. Imagine the first time you used a Wiimote. This is like using Kinect. I personally would rather have a controller. However, If you say “Xbox pause” the movie playing will pause. It will play with “Xbox play.”

What happens if your movie or show says this?

“Xbox play music” and music will start playing. You can then move your hand to interact and change your tracks and playlists.

11:10 Marc Whitten is back on stage. Microsoft is bringing Windows Live to Windows Phone 7 and Kinect will be available for all countries Xbox is currently sold in.

11:11 Laura is on stage to show Video Kinect to show how you can chat without a headset. Some of her friends are on Xbox Live and some are on Windows 7 Mobile. Laura is calling her twin sister Kristin

Lollip0p and Velveteen are the gamer tags.

You can video chat and select several Bing options like News, Sports, TV, Movies, and Music. Kinect can track your movements and if you move around, it will follow your movements.

11:14: Xbox end chat. The chat ends and Marc Whitten comes back to continue selling us on Kinect.

11:15 Kinect will also work with Windows Live Messenger for video chats.

11:16 A demo of Sportscenter comes on with an exclusive announcement of ESPN content coming to Xbox 360.

11:17 Josh Elliot and Trey Wingo on stage to talk about ESPN on Xbox Live. Trey Wingo just called the Xbox 360 the Worldwide Leader in Games.

11:18 College Football, College Basketball, Soccer (Go USA), NBA, MLB. Over 3500 sporting events in year one.They are showing a demo of the Ohio State USC game from a year ago. Josh Elliot just said “Xbox replay” and a replay of the last play happens.

Kinect may allow voice communications but Trey Wingo has a controller in his hands.

It is quite amazing the stage presence that these guys have compared to all of the other Microsoft executives.

11:21 ESPN on Xbox 360 will be available for free to all Gold Subscripers… so says Marc Whitten.

11:22 Kudo Tsudona is on stage saying that Kinect is making good on the promises they set out with Natal. We are now about to see six launch games that can only be played without a controller and without a Xbox 360.

11:24 A little girl is on stage with talking to her Kinectimals tiger named Skittles. She is petting it, playing with it, having her do tricks by falling down, pointing, and hiding from her. Skittles can’t find her when she is hiding. Skittles is up putting paws on the screen crying cause she can’t find her.

Skittles is playing jump rope and getting kisses from the little girl.

Very cool technology, very interesting concept… if you are a little kid. For the core gamer? No.

11:27 Kinect Sports is next with Shen from Rare Studios. He is showing off waving hands at his audience in a virtual stadium. Jen is now on stage to do hurdles with Shen. Camera just froze up and had to be reset and running in place and jumping takes place with their virtual avatars.

This will probably be fun but only until Nintendo reveals their next Wii Sports.

Kinect Sports Games include Soccer, Bowling, Track and Field, Ping Pong, Boxing, and Volleyball. Very cool looking but I want to hold a controller.

11:30 Joyride is up with the big fake virtual steering wheel you are holding. This already failed with Nintendo’s Mario Kart on the Wii. Your arms just get tired after so long.

11:31 Kudo continuing to try his best to say that Joyride is the best kart racer ever made. He must have missed Mario Kart on the DS and Super Nintendo…

11:32 Kinect Adventures! is on the screen with an unnamed presenter and his “BFF Oscar.” Jumping, waving of hands, ducking, and much boring gameplay goes on. You even get dorky pictures of your actual body after you finish an adventure.

11:33 Now we get the elephant lady from last year’s E3 conference and we are screaming, and yelling with a another unnamed lady while they river rapid and jump on a magical raft. If this is the future of console gaming, I am going back to the PC and Mac.

11:35 YAWN! More live body photos of the river rafting. You can go on over 25 adventures and share your live body photos with friends and family over Facebook and the Internet.

11:36 Ubisoft demo is on for a workout game with “Nick the Cardio Coach” This actually seems the best use for Kinect. This is Your Shape, Fitness Evolved only for Xbox 360 and Kinect.

11:38 Felicia Williams is on stage for Ubisoft to tell us Your Shape will change fitness forever and it is only available on Xbox 360. Felicia just took off her sweater and the onscreen avatar just took off her sweater. Is this the future of the adult industry?

11:39 Kinect will detect your body, and movements to calibrate it and get workouts tailored for you. Michael George, trainer for the stars, is one of the trainers that helped create Your Shape. He is on the stage with Felicia now.

11:41 Fitness buffs are going to line up to buy this. I already know that my wife will be demanding we have a Kinect and Your Shape in our home at launch.

This is the true beauty of Natal… er I mean Kinect. By kicking, moving, punching, lifting legs, and having Kinect track it all onscreen in realtime, you got a great workout system with no need for a controller. This was the bad part with Wii Fit and EA Sports Active.

11:43 They are now showing a relaxing yoga stretch portion. Very soothing music and Kinect is tracking if you are doing the movements correctly or not… again another way where the Wii Fitness games failed.

11:44 Harmonix is on stage showing off a Dance Central game for Kinect. It reminds me an Dance Dance Revolution evolution. This is another good use of Kinect. The crowd here is cheering, for Kinect, for the first time.

11:46 Alex Rigapolus is on stage talking about how dancing cannot exist without Kinect. They couldn’t get it to work with mats or controllers.

Dance Central will include a great soundtrack and downloadable songs. Real dance moves, from the experts, so this will be an authentic experience.

11:48 Kasson Crooker, Project Designer, is on stage to show you how you can learn how to dance with the beginning moves.

11:49 Dance Central is supposed to be able to make anyone dance but my wife is going to say there is a disclaimer that I am not included in everyone.

11:50 The crowd is cheering again for all the moves with Dance Central. Perhaps Kinect won’t be hated by the general games media quite as much. Standing ovation for an offsite media room. Uh, they can’t hear you.

11:51 Phil Spencer is on stage again. Kinect will launch this Holiday, starting on November 4, 2010, in North America. 15 Launch titles will be available. LucasArts is making an exclusive Kinect Star Wars game coming in 2011.

Very cool lightsaber demo playing with you in an Episode 3 style area and Darth Vader comes at the end to end the demo. This seems like a cool demo… but with no controls, moving around is just does not seem very fun. This could get old very fast.

11:53 Bill Giese Dan Greenawalt are on stage for some realistic Kinect driving. The problem is holding your arms out is going to get tiring. This is the next evolution from the Fora team.

They are demoing user Kinect to walk up to the car and touch it. Interesting idea but not very practical to me for a game. This new Forza coming in 2011.

11:57 Don Matrick back on stage to try and sell the Xbox experience to everyone. Expecting a Slim Xbox to be announced.

11:58 New built in wifi Here Today, and Ready for Tomorrow, is the new Xbox 360 with 250 GB HD, 802.11N Wifi for the same price as the new Xbox 360… $299. Shipping to retailers today. The crowd goes wild until Don says everyone at the live press conference gets it now. Now everyone is booing here. Nobody can hear you on a TV people!

12:00 The New Xbox 360 will be available later this week at retailers all over North America.

That is it folks, show is over. Next up for us is EA. Stay tuned for more details from E3 at CVGames.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/14/10

Screenshots for E3 2010 Microsoft Press Conference