We are live at the Nintendo Press Conference at the Nokia Theatre. We are expecting a new Zelda, more details on 3DS, and just for the heck of it–Kid Icarus. One of these years, they have to give us a new Kid Icarus title, right?

The show begins at 9:00 AM… but Nintendo is known for starting late and ending late.

9:00 Reggie is on stage talking about E3 and how Nintendo is going to wow and amaze us. First up…. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

9:05 Miyamoto is showing that the Wiimote and WiiMotion Plus and the Nunchuck will be your sword and shielf.

9:06 Miyamoto just sliced through the stage to give us a proper demo of Zelda.

9:07 You need to imagine that you are holding a sword and shield and only four buttons will be used. All items and other uses will be with realistic movements.

9:08 The sword will follow your movements one to one with the WiiMotion Plus.

9:09 You can hold your sword up in the air, to charge it up, and shoot sword beams.

9:10 You shake the Nunchuck to get your shield out.

9:11 Enemies will also try to block and defend themselves.

9:12 The A button will dump in battle. Outside of battle, it will dash and get you up small cliffs.

9:13 The B buttons put your hand in your pockets and then you move the Wiimote to grab the item you need.

9:14 You can pull out bombs and roll, throw, and drop bombs

One thing we are noticing is the lag and how unresponsive the controls seem. Miyamoto just asked that everyone turn off wireless. I think he was joking but something is definitely causing issues.

9:17 Still technical difficulties and Miyamoto is not playing well. But he is showing a Whip. You can’t kill all enemies with it but very cool to swipe it around and pick up items.

Miyamoto apologizes for technical difficulties but promises it is running smooth on the show floor. He urges us to check it out.

9:19 Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will not be out in 2010. They are only promising a 2011 release.

9:20 Reggie back on stage saying that Zelda is just the top line of their E3 story. They are going to provide experiences for everyone. Nintendo is going for a wide appeal in their design.

9:23 New Mario Sports trailer running. Volleyball, basketball, hockey, and more in Mario Sports Mix. This is another 2011 title that Reggie says is pure fun.

9:24 Reggie is out telling us that the Wii has sold more titles in the 43 months, since launch, than any other system ever. They are selling games and Wii owners are buying and playing them. I guess this is true for First Party but Third Party?

9:26 Wii Party is announced and looks like a Mii successor to Mario Party with over 70 mini games. This is a game that is coming Holiday 2010. I heard three people clap for this one.

9:28 Just Dance sequel is being shown on the screen. Just Dance 2 with 40+ Hit Tracks, Dancing Duets, Sweat Modes, Dance Crew Face Offs, and up to 8 Players. Coming Fall 2010 only on Wii.

9:29 Golden Sun Dark Down is officially announced by Reggie. A trailer was just shown with the best news of all. It is coming this Holiday 2010 season!

9:32 A new Goldeneye is revealed exclusively for the Wii. This has been long rumored. 8 Classic Bond Characters. 16 Games Modes. Activision will be bringing Goldeneye this Holiday 2010!

9:34 Reggie is on stage ready to show us Disney Epic Mickey–exclusive to Wii I guess the rumors of it coming to other platforms was not true.

9:35 Warren Spector is on stage to give us a a look at the game. Two Wii games that people want to see in a single press conference. Better dust off my Wii

9:36 When you speak to characters, a really cool water colored cel shaded cinema comes on the screen.

Spector says that using Paint and Paint Thinner you can create or remove the game world to save it and change it. How to change your world, interact with others, and what you do will change the game. Do you use creative powers to change the world and help others or do you just erase your problems?

Disney Epic Mickey is looking really good.

9:41 Reggie is back on stage talking about Kirby. He hasn’t had a role on a major Nintendo console in 7 years. Kirby’s Epic Yarn has a trailer playing. The world, characters, and everything is made up of yarn. Kirby can use the yarn like a whip to attack others, turn into a call, and any other shape he needs. Even a UFO.

Reggie urges us to try it in the booth and Nintendo is delivering it this fall.

9:45 Reggie is talking Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies. It has sold 4.2 million, over 120 mini-quests, other DLC quests, 900 items, and much more. Reggie says it begs for multiplayer action and links you up with 3 friends together.

In tag mode, you can quietly add new characters and quests to your game. Their tree house player has even played 140 hours so far.

Dragon Quest IX comes to us on July 11.

9:47 Metroid Other M now being shown via trailer. This game is screaming for HD. This title will be available on August 31.

9:49 Retro Studios is bringing Donkey Kong Country Sequel to the Wii. And the 2D goodness is back. This is making me more excited than anything I have seen so far.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is the title they are showing and it is coming this Holiday 2010.

9:52 Reggie is talking Nintendo 3DS and making fun of 3D televisions with the horrible glasses. Nintendo thinks there is a better way to take 3D and take it with you. No glasses required.

Nintendo 3DS Nothing Between You and the Experience.

9:55 Mr Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo is on stage with the new Nintendo 3DS. There is an Analog stick, d-pad, bigger top screen. 3.5″ Widescreen to be exact. The handheld is being shown in a really cool Teal/Black color.

9:56 This sure beats the heck out of the vitality sensor from last year.

9:57 Nintendo has added a 3D Depth slider to give players the ability to choose the degree of the 3D. There is a Touch Panel–as this is a successor to the Nintendo DS. Due to the fingerprint issue, there is only a touch screen on the bottom and the upper screen will be the 3D screen.

9:58 The graphics will be improved in the Nintendo 3DS. No real details given.

Nintendo has added the “slide pad” with motion and gyro sensors built in to the device. They hope developers will take advantage of the new hardware.

9:59 Players can take photos with both cameras to enjoy 3D pictures on their device.

10:00 3D Hollywood movies are also available on the device. No details are given but Disney, Warner Bros, and DreamWorks are on board with three titles at Nintendo’s booth.

10:02 Kid Icarus Uprising is announced for the Nintendo 3DS. It is about freaking time! It looks like my yearly Kid Icarus prediction finally came true! The graphics look as good as a Wii game So is the Wii now the underpowered console?

I screamed “YES!” when we saw Kid Icarus. This is the biggest reaction I can ever recall at an E3.

10:04 Iwata wants us to come see a 3D Game trailer of Kid Icarus on the show floor.

10:05 A Red colored Nintendo 3DS is also shown on the screen.

10:06 Nintendo 3DS supports wireless communication with other 3DS units no matter what game you are in or what you are doing. Nintendo is hoping to send stuff to your handheld automatically. There will be no monthly fees for Nintendo’s online service.

10:08 Nintendogs and Nintencats are coming to Nintendo 3DS from Miyamoto.

There are several companies publishing on the device: DJ Hero 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Saints Row, Samurai Warrior, Resident Evil Revelations, Assassin’s Creed Lost Legacy, and Metal Gear Solid.

10:09 No release date, no price, but we are all desperately wanting details.

10:12 Reggie back on stage recapping and plugging the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie just got burned by bowser in a video and came back on stage with a burnt jacket.

10:18 We are also getting our hands on the Nintendo 3DS here at the Nokia Theatre and the first to play the Zelda Skyward Sword game.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/15/10

Screenshots for E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference