Performance Designed Products have just announced the Headbanger Headset, the first ever voice chat headset for the Nintendo Wii.

During E3 2010, we paid a visit to PDP’s booth to get a closer look at the accessory that Wii owners should have had a long time ago. Officially licensed by Nintendo, the Headbanger comes with all the standard features one would expect from an online gaming headset. This includes a mute button, volume control and a flexible microphone.

The device comes with a number of different sized earpieces, and is lightweight so it feels quite comfortable when worn on either ear. Unfortunately PDP’s demo station wasn’t functioning when we stopped by, so we weren’t able to actually hear what the sound quality is like.

So far High Voltage’s multiplayer opus Conduit 2 is the first game on board to support the Headbanger.

“By incorporating the new Wii compatible headset into Conduit 2, we are able to immerse gamers into the action like never before. The microphone allows for crystal-clear communication to your Conduit 2 friends and foes alike,” said Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software.

Although bundling the headset with Conduit 2 sounds like a good idea, representatives at PDP informed us that the Headbanger will not come packaged with High Voltage’s upcoming game.

The wired headset will be releasing this October for $24.99, with a wireless version launching the following spring.

By Mark Melnychuk – 06/30/10

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