We are live at QuakeCon 2010. However, like a lot of other keynotes, we are running into some AT&T issues. So this may not make it live but will go up as soon as possible.

2:30: Todd Hollenshead is on stage talking about all of the events of QuakeCon

2:33: Steam is having an $8.49 sale for Oblivion Game of the Year Edition during QuakeCon. The id Pack is also on sale for $69.99 that includes all of the id games plus Bethesda games. Through Sunday, this will be dropped in price. All the games are over a $320.00 value.

All id iPhone games will be dropped to .99 and $1.99 during QuakeCon.

2:37: Pete Hines is on stage talking about the improvements to QuakeCon. The new QuakeCon Fast Pass sold out in less than 9 hours. They are also making big speed increases to get through the BYOC line.

Pete is also pushing the panels and hopes that everyone will check them out. This is making QuakeCon less about just bringing a computer and more about an experience.

Fallout New Vegas, Brink, and Hunted Domon’s Forge are all playable on the QuakeCon show floor. They are also showing special closed door sessions.

2:41: Arekane Studios has just been announced as joining the Bethesda family. They are working on an unannounced title that sounds like it won’t be announced for a while.

2:43: Todd is back on stage talking about how great the Bethesda family is.

2:44: John Carmack is on the stage and is talking about how his last few keynotes have been much more approachable. He is not an executive at heart and is very happy that they are part of the Bethesda family so he can concentrate more on programming. In the last year, he has got to spend a lot more time programming.

2:47: Carmack is showing a brand new side project that he just got to finish in the last month. This is an iPhone title. He is showing RAGE running on an iPhone 60 FPS. The game is really nice looking on the iPhone.

He says that the game is much cooler on an iPad. This is not an “on rails” shooter. This game will run better than any of their other titles even on an original iPhone.

This is just a tech demo and it will be turned into a game soon.

2:50: Carmack says that the current iPhone and iPad kills the past generation and comes close to the current generation.

Carmack likes the small development time with the IOS and the experimental nature of the app store. The first RAGE title will be on the IOS platform and will be a smaller title that will show off the hardware very well.

John took a survey of the crowd and the vast majority use the IOS platform and have spent at least twenty bucks on apps. A very small, but vocal, minority use Android and only a few people have actually spent money on apps.

2:54: Carmack hopes that there are at least two major players, like Apple and Android, as the major mobile players. With the way things are going, this appears to be what will happen.

2:55: Carmack says the mobile market has been a lot of fun and is growing at a rapid rate. It isn’t going to take over PC or the consoles yet but could in the future. John spends 10% of his time on mobile platform.

2:58: John hasn’t had time to work on mobile enough and while some team members have ported over Quake, Quake II, etc, they aren’t sure when those titles will come out.

3:07: Carmack, Bethesda, and id have no inside information on the new consoles. He is surprised we haven’t heard anything yet but this confirms that the PS3 and 360 will be here for quite some time. This is okay because the cost/reward on new technology probably isn’t worth the expense it would take.

John also admits that their titles, and everyone else in the industry, all look really amazing. While it is possible new video card technologies could make things look better, he is very happy with the state of the industry.

3:09: Some type of “radical change” will be coming to the industry. John also wants to dramatically increase the development time of future products. This won’t be done until at least id Tech 6. For those of you who aren’t aware, id Tech 5 is the engine that Powers RAGE.

3:25: Carmack says the PC is becoming more important, again, for id. However, the console is the most played device for action games. This is id’s bread and butter so they will continue to put the most emphasis on the consoles.

3:30: John has been having good talks with Apple but there are still some topics up for debate. But since one of their former employees has moved to Apple, the talks have been better. Instead of Carmack trying to explain to Apple what was important, their former employee, Graham, can do that now.

3:41: Carmack continues to work with Apple but no matter how hard he tries, at their heart, they are not a gaming company. They have people inside that care about games but he is hoping that they might pay attention to gaming in the future. He did mention that Apple was very surprised at how well games did on the App Store. This may lead them to make games a focus, on the computers, in the near future.

3:47: John took another survey, of the audience, to see how many people ran a Linux desktop as their primary OS. There were even fewer than who ran Android. He thinks Linux has come a long way but doesn’t really like it due to the user interface and ease of use. But he was careful to not way to step on any Linux users’ toes. They may be a small group of people–but they are very vocal.

3:52: John is not a fan of 3D Televisions. He wants to see a push to High Dynamic Range Displays. This would make a display have a higher resolution and better colors than the printed page.

4:03: Carmack is not a big supporter of motion controls. He doesn’t think they are without value but if you have built a game with fine-tuned controls for a single input device, moving it to another does not make it better.

4:13: John agrees that DOOM 3 was too dark. He wishes they would have brightened it up. However, he is offended that people think id is nothing but a technology company. If this was the case, Carmack says that they would have already released RAGE. But they are developing a game–not just a technology showcase.

4:18: Q&A Begins
Person one says he quit his job to come to QuakeCon and wants to work for free to do anything Carmack needs done. Should someone be screening these questions?

They let the guy talk again and he takes a poll of the audience to see who will work for free. Six people clap.

4:21: The next person asks about the trend of dedicated servers going away. Carmack doesn’t think it is a big deal because games can run fine without them now.

4:23: The next person asks if gamers will ever be able to not be tied to Microsoft. Carmack responds with the talk of cloud computing allowing things to go to any platform. This should be common place a decade from now. For Linux, platforms like WINE make the most sense right now.

4:26: The next person asks to find out something about DOOM 4. Carmack was told to not speak about the title at all. He is now in the middle of the DOOM 4 project–away from RAGE. The only thing that can be said is a lot of people are working hard on it and nothing will be said about it until next year.

4:28: The next person asks about when he is going to space. Carmack will talk about that in his Rocket Talk keynote with Richard Garriet.

4:29: Carmack has been asked about the AI and it is something that he doesn’t focus on. There are other people at id that look at it but he feels a bit guilty that he isn’t more involved in AI.

4:32: A Lead Programmer for a defense contractor asks about Open GL and Java. He also wonders if Android or iPhone is a better a development platform. Carmack says he really loves his iPhone and iPad. That is why they are doing IOS games. id also got originally into mobile games because Carmack thought all games on handsets were crap. They don’t do it just for money.

To answer the platform question, he can’t answer but can say that Android users are not very plentiful and they don’t buy apps.

Now he is talking about technical Java and Open GL talk. Everything being said is flying over my head so I will just move on to the next question.

4:37: Carmack polls the audience again to find out how many people actually use a first gen iPhone or iPod touch. Only one person raised their hand. If Carmack wanted to, they could really make RAGE look better by ignoring the older handsets.

4:39: The next user is asking about the Third Party support of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Carmack admits to playing more Wii games than any other platform. This is due to his five year old. (He only admits to playing First Party titles though.)

DOOM Resurrection, on the iPhone, was supposed to be a Wii game. But because of the lack of support, from users, with hardcore games selling well, on the Wii, they will not be doing any Wii games.

On the DS side, the Orc and Elves title was a good mobile game but wasn’t received well on the platform. They didn’t put enough into the game to make it stand out. Carmack thinks EA lost money on the project.

4:43: Another user, who gave his Chat handle, wants to know id’s take on anti-software piracy software. This is something that they didn’t focus on, in the past, because EA handled that. They aren’t concentrating on it enough right now but they think they should.

In the distant future, Cloud Gaming will make this problem vanish.

4:45: @id_carmack is Carmack’s brand new Twitter account he setup.

4:45: A user asks about id Software picking up Duke Nukem so the game can finally come out. Carmack jokes that id picked up all of their good Developers.

That is it from the keynote!

By Kaleb Rutherford – 08/12/10

Screenshots for QuakeCon 2010 Keynote