Next month marks the four year anniversary of one of the most tragic and life-changing events in my life. My dad, and President of our Parent Company, passed away suddenly in his front lawn. Nobody expected and nobody was prepared for what would take place both in our professional and private lives. The road has been tough but today I personally have a renewed passion and zeal for this industry. These changes will first be seen by you in our much-anticipated and long delayed relaunch of CVGames.

Gone is the old layout and confusing navigation bars. Say goodbye to our old “catchphrase” and our logos of yesterday. In its place is the all-new CVGames. We have slaved over our computers many sleepless nights to get this thing ready for E3 2011. I am dedicating this show to my Father, Billy Rutherford. In fact, you will soon see our new Award Trophy, the CVG Billy Award, at the end of the show.

We have a jam-packed schedule full of exciting new games to share. But this is just the beginning of some really big changes here. These will be shared with you in the coming days.

Monday we fly out to LA and get ready for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Sony’s Press Conferences. 

Tuesday we hope to find out about the new Nintendo console in their Press Conference. Then the show begins.

Much like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will also be full of Behind Closed Door sessions, interviews, hands-on game time, and photos of the show. 

Sit down, buckle your seat belts, and get ready… the ride is about to begin. As always, we at CVG will be there to deliver you the goods.

By Kaleb Rutherford – 06/05/11

Screenshots for E3 2011: Here We Come!